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  • By the way, I'm proud of you. Moving out on your own, getting a car and apartment and all the related financial responsibilities, starting a very important and exciting new profession. Very proud indeed. =)
    The world is messy. It ought to be the case that producing good things earns one good results while producing terrible things earns one terrible results. Instead, it is simply the case that producing anything can earn one either kind of results. It is deeply dissatisfying that reality does not always conform to neat and tidy logical equations.
    Is that lady holding a flaming human heart?

    Oh my god. That item of clothing is not just ugly, not just in bad taste, but ethically and emotionally offensive. Those leggings are not even valid as some sort of ironic or avant-garde fashion statement. What kind of awful, insensible "artiste" would design them, and what sort of depressingly tasteless hipster nitwit would pay nearly thirty dollars for them? Jeez Louise... >_o
    Put lotion all over them.

    I don't know if that will help, but it sounds like something I'd do.
    Oh my god that's actually really awesome and accurate. Well maybe not the French bit, buuuuuuuut. When I think of America,

    well let's not even step into that one.
    Bahaha. Ugh I really hope it goes through. I also have an interview at Tim Hortons tomorrow just in case Starbucks doesn't work out. I'd be so disappointed if I don't get it though haha.
    omg I didn't post this on facebook because I would feel like a dickhead but I have an interview at starbucks :D
    Bleh. I'm sick atm, so just thinking about it makes me want to hurl. The sad thing is that people actually buy it. Leave passive-aggressive notes everywhere. "God didn't intend for sundae's and bacon to go together!"
    That is probably the grossest thing ever. You should go tell that they should be ashamed of themselves for selling such an atrocity.
    I will conduct myself in a manner which will continue our partnership and make both our parties proud.
    I figured as much. One of these days I'll either read the books or watch it.

    Does an incredibly bitter homosexual manage to fit his way into the ranks? I'm a feminist too if that gives me brownie points.
    I adore your signature. Not because I watch whatever show that is, but because that's basically what I do every time I log online here.
    I had to laugh when you were all "Moogles (a member here)"

    idk I just thought it was the funniest thing.
    Unfortunately, I haven't seen any of it. It's from a video game.

    Then again, that's about the extent of a lot of my cultural knowledge. Video games. And music. And a few books, too, of course.
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