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  • I saw your comment on 404 error. I thought "That's some stupid thing RetardRaichu would do." Then I saw your username and I was like "That explains so much..."
    Well, if you want help, you could ask for it. I would be willing to help you get better. And Kutie Pie has been giving you good advice. As for why your threads have been getting deleted or locked, there is a good reason for it. You just need to learn to take criticism a little better. But if you want help or have any questions about your fanfic, ask me. You do have interesting ideas in your story. You just need to learn to present them better.
    I'm sorry for what I said about you being a terrible fanfic writer and saying you have a serious problem. I shouldn't have said that. I just thought your name could cause people to be offended.

    Why do you think people hate you though? I don't think anyone hates you.
    Maybe I was too harsh on you. But I just think your username is offensive to a lot of people and if you were to stay on here, you really should change it.
    Nope my brain is fine, so you read my conversation with Machoke the guy is grade A hole.

    He refuse to evolve into a Machamp.
    I'm not flaming you, I'm showing some concern towards you, it's one of two reasons I ever keep an eye out for your name (the other reason is because I always wonder what it is you're going to do next). But if you're going to be a jerkass over everything and refuse to grow up and take advise/criticisms, I might as well just not bother with you anymore.
    I have a question, RetardRaichu: is all this trolling a result of your fanfic getting closed?

    Great, but Mystry should be spelled M-y-s-t-e-r-y, you're welcome. Seigrammar Heilanguage.

    random Happy FTW!!
    As a side note, Electbuzz are native to Kanto. You find them around the Power Plant. Yeah, you can't get Elekid there (and, in fact, anywhere, considering you have to breed Electabuzz to get one), but the same story could be said for Pichu.
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