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  • yeah i hear ya except im working most of the day so i only get ot play a few times a week but i'm still trying to complete my pokedex. You can let me know if a trade woild work out sometime.
    if you are going to use the DW ID exchange trick to add someone else in the thread as a friend, remember that everyone's on server 1 now :)

    They moved everyone to server 1 ever since they updated the PGL for international B2/W2
    So you have Anticipation Eevees?
    Umm like what are you looking for se we can trade?
    yeah im more like the lines too...im small and can be quick tempered sometimes when im angry lol....
    really?...i like tinkerbell too...Im a fairy fan so i like tinkerbell....I collect fairy figurines and everything...I think shes a cute little fairy lol...
    lol...i was screaming when i hatched my shiny charmander in platinum...I was running up and down screaming i got a shiny charmander finally!...its okay...still hatching eggs...got a question by a chance whenever you get this message...do you like tinkerbell the disney fairy?...just wondering due to your profile name....
    hey don't feel bad...I haven't hatched, or saw one shiny in my black yet...don't get down...still hatching eggs for a shiny feebas...
    Your request for a team pose at the Silver Lining Art Shop has been completed, please have a visit and pick up your request. Dont forget to upload the results to your own image host, so you wont lose it if something goes wrong on my end!
    Your request for a userbar at the Silver Lining Art Shop has been completed, please have a visit and pick up your request =]
    I only need a couple more of legens hehe, thats it

    Tell me when you do, coz I really want a flying Pika..
    Once my friend said 'I'll start playing Pokemon.. when that dummy Pikachu learns how to fly without cheats!'
    That was years ago..she doesnt like Pokemon. Hah who's laughing now..?
    Same with me ^^ I got all badge collecting games, except for Silver, Green, Crystal, Sapphire, Pearl, Platinum, HG.. B/W :p

    The ranger games I haven't played them

    Oh, do you have a Mew?
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