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  • Well, how are you two related?
    Yer wan who played Mrs. Doyle on Father Ted's a distant cousin of mine, so at least I've got a reason to have never ever ever met her, ever.
    Being the type of person who likes to stick her nose into other Irish people's business, how's life in Stab City?
    Yeah I know! can't wait either!! I've been looking forward to them for ages!! And now the 5th generation coming out in Japan this year too....It just keeps getting better! :)
    Oh cool. One of my buddies up north works in a pharmacy. She's a clerk and not the pharmacist, but she does all right. Did you just graduate recently or a while ago, or are you still in school?
    Hey there, I'm an Irish Pokemon player looking to meet up with other Irish players, I was just wondering if you wanted to be part of the Irish club I'm trying to get going. Before you completely ignore me, I'm no noob trying to spam you. I've been playing Pokémon since the beginning and recently partook in the Pokemon Video Game Championship in London coming in the top 20. So just let me know by PM if you'd be interested in joining my club, us Irish have to stick together ^_^
    Well lucky there over by now XD

    What kind of Scientist are you�

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