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  • I succeded....
    ONCE. After that I couldn't manage anymore lol
    I'll try it again sometime c:

    Sadly Someone has my DS atm so I can't trade for a while :/
    I think I will have to pass now since I've gotten terribly busy myself and haven't done many trades (hence, I have an extensive backlog of trades to take care of).
    Do you want clones of everything?
    I kinda ran out of time.
    I can trade them back tomorrow, and if you cnat then it'll take a couple weeks, but we'll get it done :)
    Yup, I can't clone the dunsparce for whatever reason, so let's do the trade minus the haxorus c:
    I'll trade you the dunsparce some other time when I have it cloned.
    elemental fangs?
    Druddigon gets the punches now, more power and the flinch chance is gone with sheer power, so punches are better IMO.
    I might ask someone else though xD
    sure c:
    I'm glad someone appreciates dunsparces beauty besides myself xD

    I'll have toclone the 3 non DW pokes (I made like 5 clones of the DW ones, since they're the most requested pokemon in my shop xD)
    I'm interested in the haxorus.
    and the regigigas if it's UT experience wise..
    Also, You RNG right? think you might have time to make me one? I'm kinda in love with TR lately, And I'm looking for a flawless Sheer force druddigon with TR nature and IVs (you sohuld know these lol)
    Lol, same with me, which is why i'd like to finish this up c:
    I have to do afew trades actually before monday. I'll Vm ypu when I'm there.
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