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Sep 3, 2013
Mar 17, 2007
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GMT -4

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ironknight42 was last seen:
Sep 3, 2013
    1. Takeo
      your awesome to have that quote from 'To Kill a Mockingbird' i love that book
    2. Waldorf
      Hey. By the way, the discussion thread for The Bridge is up. Please head there if you have any questions or concerns.
    3. Waldorf
      Oh, that sounds fine, then. Thanks for clearing it up with me beforehand. Looking forward to your sign-up.
    4. Waldorf
      Alright, I'm okay with that. I'll have to coordinate with you prior to any particularly important visions, though.
    5. Waldorf
      It'd be great if you could get it up by Sunday at the latest.
    6. Waldorf
      Hey, are you still interested in participating in The Bridge? A spot just opened up, and you're the first in the queue.
    7. iGaga

      ; )
    8. iGaga
    9. zandgaia
      yuppers. Seems like it.
    10. zandgaia
      yup. The only reason Gaia jumped was because of the "deal" as seen in her flashback.....
    11. zandgaia
      <_< I'm already trying to let Ashds editing that out. He usually does stuff like that to make it "more important' for himself I think.
    12. zandgaia
      That is to get more exicment into it. :)
      I love those scenes where people jump out of windows/from roofs into the (high) air then either survive/get rescued/have a parachute.
    13. zandgaia
      ummmm 'bout your post <_< we were in the air, and Gaia had a parachute.......She's the traitor anyway o.O'
    14. TomDraco
      Right, I just figured I'd give ya props for going the extra mile...

      Yeah, that was somewhat of a pun, seeing how your a runner...
    15. TomDraco
      I just read your most recent OOC, you take this navigation thing really seriously! I like that!
    16. ironknight42
      If i'm not mistaken I believe it is 6 miles I got lazy this winter and I have to build the miles back up i'm at about 5 right now. I run Cross Country so my mileage goal for this year is at least 7. I'm just getting ready for 5-Ks right now though, I got injured last season so i'm working on getting a good 5-K time as my PR is just plain shameful.
    17. ScytheSwipe
      that's cool I'm a runner too! may I ask what was the longest distance you've ever ran in without breaking?
    18. ironknight42
      Forgive me Brumrha...my mistake I will try to avoid this error in the future.
    19. Brumrha
      Ummm... did you know that you've misspelled my name?
      You've forgotten to put the "r" in my name. & just so you know, it's something that I take a bit seriously, mainly because I've had a lot of people misspelling my name.
    20. Profesco
      Ah! I knew it looked so familiar! The quote in my own signature is relevant to the book, as well. I've just begun readng through it for the second time. It's really neat to see someone else with a signature so near mine. ^_^

      Oh, and if you click the "View Conversation" under a profile message before replying, your messages will appear on the other person's profile, so they can see what you've written on their own page. Much easier to hold a conversation that way. =)
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    The one thing that does not abide by majority rule is a person's conscience
    To Kill A Mockingbird

    It is no matter, let Hercules himself do what he may, the cat will mew, and dog will have his day.
    Hamlet Act V Scene I