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  • Anyway, I opened a new one, this time a contest of sorts. The goal is to post as many pics of Zelda in one of her different costumes during any of her victory scenes as you want. Also, if you post a pic of Zelda in a certain costume, you get a bonus.

    I haven't decided how long I will have it open yet, so if interested in participating, do it now!
    I had this Gallery for Zelda costumes free for anyone to post on Miiverse, and there comes a guy posting a pic of Twili Midna asking if she was Zelda. I said no, and he post a pic of Agitha, asking if she was her. I told him to check my screenshot album to find out who Zelda is (had many pics of her) and he posts a pic of Link, asking if he was Zelda. I was frustrated and closed it down. I hate trolls.
    Actually, it's purple-dark. So my point still stands :p

    Looks like Linkle, Skull Kid and Medli got the shaft among the newcomers, which is a shame because... they deserved new costumes more than the original 16.
    I think her best one personally is her Boss Pack one. I mean, we never had a black-haired Zelda, and they combined it with red, which makes it easily her sexiest costume so far. (Too bad we can't combine it with the Bunny Hood :p)
    I really hate how Zelda's good looking costumes have to be DLC ones grrr

    I opened a small Gallery discussion on Miiverse for that costume. I hope you contribute (you live in the US, right?)

    For your last question, the final boss is at Outset Island. Makes sense, since in WW, you had to go there to meet with Jabun to end the Endless night.
    Okay, the list with the characters that get new costumes (updated)

    - Link
    - Lana
    - Sheik
    - Fi
    - Midna
    - Toon Link
    - King Daphnes
    - Tetra
    - Tingle
    - Darunia
    - Ruto (update)

    I've been hearing Ghirahim and Linkle have a new costume as well, don't know if it's true though :p
    I can confirm as of this point these characters have costumes in the MWW Map:

    - Link
    - Lana
    - Darunia
    - Toon Link
    - Tingle
    - Tetra
    - King Daphnes

    So that leaves 9 characters. Also, regarding Zelda's MQ costume on the MQ map, I checked bottom-left as you said, but found Ganondolf's :p
    So there are only 16 recolor costumes in the Master Wind Waker's Adventure Map. Looks like some characters got shafted.

    I pray Zelda is one of the shafted characters.
    Still not going to get it. Reason? Weak character (I have to buy the MWW Pack to get her Lv 2 and 3 weapons and I don't like having characters who are set to be weak because of their weapons locked into paid DLC :p
    Light type?

    For the last time, we are not getting Light. Fairy does the job perfectly against Dark. Wished they would call Fairy Light but oh well :(

    I suppose it's safe now to introduce Synchro in my comic or not? (Greninja's still the victim-I mean-the chosen Pokémon to utilize it :p)
    I just read some guy's post on here that says the day we get the news is the same day the last episode of the Ash-Greninja arc airs in Japan. I know you don't watch the anime, but this can't be a coincidence. Synchro Evolution confirmed lol
    New info on Sun/Moon to be released on June 2nd, what do you expect/want to see? I want some info on the legends personally, their names need CONFIRMATION! Also, some new Pokémon reveals and a bit of info on the Alola region itself.
    I think it's a placeholder for a new Pokémon set to be revealed in the near future. There's no way in heck they would change a starter's second type upon evolution, it's a dumb move and unheard of. Plus it doesn't make sense. If Rowlet really gets a Ground type upon evolution, why the heck did they give it a Flying type in the first place then?
    I don't buy the rumors tbh. Especially the rumor that says Rowlet becomes Grass/Ground in its final evo. Seriously, people need to be on guard for such bs every day, 24h the week :p It's annoying.
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