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  • ah, shadow's also noticed that you're a good writer. :D I like writing fics too and am also doing various multishipping fics. Thought I'd drop by and let ya know that you're good at writing. It's been forever since I've seen some decent multishipping fics that I'm interested in reading. :D

    Most newbies that come into shipping fics always seem to start out at an average or less than level so yes, good nnoob. =DDDDD

    Mind if I friend ya? Always good to find shipping fic writers here and there. X3
    Hey ;)

    Here's the deal, I like you. ^^
    Actually, I like the shipping fic you posted, and although I only got a glimpse at it, I like what I see.
    And believe me, as soon as I come back here full time, I'll be taking a closer look at that diamond you're publishing :)

    Untill then, see you around~
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