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  • If there was a face off for whose the most annoying out of the both of us . .you'd take first prize :D
    Welcome to Serebii forums squirt :p

    *who didn't even type in her e-mail address properly so didn't get the activation e-mail on time :p*

    I'm gonna give you a list of do's and don'ts so you don't go too crazy here:

    1. Don't add anyone older than you by 2-3 years

    2. Always ask me first before doing anything

    3. If you want to trade, best trade with me and me only. . I'll get you what you want.

    4. Don't spam posts and please give intelligent responses to them if you think you know the answer to a question. .I know this one is very difficult for you . .but please try at least :p

    5. Don't buddy random people . . . they probably won't appreciate it so you'll be annoying them almost as much as you annoy me :p. NB: Ask me first about this one!!!!

    6. Umm . .I guess that's it . .I'll post more on here when I come up with more ground rules for you.

    Hurry up and get a profile pic . . . your pro looks dull :p
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