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  • I don't go clubbing xD I'm just with my mates and stuff, I'm not usually out till that late but I got a bit carried away xD
    haha xD I'm kinda sleep deprived as well, I was out till 1am with my mates last night lol
    im online right now but my DS's battery is low, so i want to plug it in until we trade, so im gonna log off temporarily, so message me when you are on, im gonna hang around till then
    its about midnight here so im going to sleep, but tomorrow, i'll be available my time from about 10 am-3pm message me anytime in that time frame that you're available. if that dosent work i dont know what we are gonna do. damn time difference!!
    I have no idea...there might be a HGSS Celebi one, but that's just speculation and I very highly doubt it...

    XD well, unless it's a battle-like event. Then it could be shiny if you SR'd :p
    Yeah, true XD but I prefer spending my time doing other stuff tbh...
    I've got a shiny Tentacruel and a shiny Golbat (I'm training the Golbat atm), besides that no. Which ones do you have?
    yeah, most fan translations are such fails :/
    Yeah it is, so atleast there's only around 6 months to go =)
    yeah, I'll probs choose a team once the English names comeout so it's easier since I can't understand Japanese xD
    That's also the reason I don't really want the rom for now...if there's a fan translation then maybe, but not now.
    eh, nice :) I was gonna get it in rom form but apparently it crashes loads and makes everything run really slowly, so I decided against it...I'll probs get it when it does as well =P

    I'm probs gonna get White because of Wargle lol :p The only Pokémon I know I really want on my team are Jaroda and Wargle...you?
    Hey ishni,

    I don't but I have in the past and my friend does.
    I can give you his email if you want to ask him anything.
    He has a trickstorm team and a quickstorm team.
    If you ever watched gigatitan's videos he has a trickstorm team.

    A trickstorm team is a team which consists of a lead with sandstream e.g. Hippowdon and a pokemon which can set up Trick Room, which is immune to the sandstorm e.g. Solrock.
    This is good for slow Rock, Ground and Steel types. e.g. Hippowdon, Torterra and Claydol

    I actually came up with the quickstorm team and my friend made a team for it. :)

    A quickstorm team is a team which consists of a lead with sandstream e.g. Tyranitar
    The team has to be fast and may have sand veil for evasion.
    With Sand Veil + Speed this team is hard to beat.
    Which is mainly the reason my friend liked it so much.
    This is good for fast Rock, Ground and Steel types. e.g. Dugtrio, Aerodactyl and Garchomp

    From Ian
    Hey ishni,

    I always have well balanced teams.
    No I don't use competitive tiers, I just use Pokemon I think look cool and that are powerful.
    I go by strength mostly too.

    From Ian
    Yeah, apparently she's got a basketball team now so she's probably busy :/

    I'm kinda excited, but not completely over-the-top like a few other people I know xD
    I just got Black yesterday. I'm still work on getting white. I think I'm going to get white in North america because I'm coming back to michigan today.
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