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  • Hey ishni,

    What are your HGSS teams?
    Okay, if you're finished with it.
    Can I send you my newest sprite sheet.
    It will probably be updated again but this is the newest one.
    I will send it to you in an email.
    Is it the bigpond one?

    From Ian
    Hey ishni,

    I guess we both love dragons and pokemon that are cool in our opinion.
    I love Lucario and Zoroark is the new Lucario, it's ability is also pretty cool.
    My favourite starter is Tsutaja.
    I already have my teams roughly planned:
    - Jaroda
    - Swampert
    - Kenhorou
    - Zebraika
    - Zoroark (shiny)
    - Reshiram

    - Emboar
    - Daikenki
    - Yanakki
    - Wargle
    - Gigaiasu
    - Zekrom

    What do you think?

    From Ian
    Hey ishni,

    Sorry I didn't reply my internet wasn't working.
    I like your choices, I quite like Kyuremu too.
    You obviously like dragons.
    Nice choices. :)

    From Ian
    haha yeah xD

    Not on here... She only went on MSN for like a second last night and she's been on Facebook but won't talk to me for some reason :/ It's weird, she used to talk to me loads over Facebook then suddenly stopped...
    Hey ishni,

    Thanks. :)
    My friend bought a japanese black version.
    He is up to Hiun City so far.
    I'm great.
    Who are you top 10 favourites from Gen V?
    Mine are:
    1. Zoroark
    2. Gigaiasu
    3. Jaroda
    4. Emboar
    5. Daikenki
    6. Zekrom
    7. Reshiram
    8. Wargle
    9. Yanakki
    10. Zebraika

    From Ian
    The guys say I'm jammy, I've only ever been in one xD
    And it was boring as hell...>_<

    Yeah, it's a pain, but I have mates who I usually copy in subjects I suck at in return for them copying me in subject I'm good at =P It's just a system we have so we never have to do any crap we don't wanna do =)
    Hey ishni,

    I am going great.
    After two days of searching I found an Adamant Electivire for my Platinum team.
    I called him SparkPlug.
    How are you?

    From Ian
    ouch must suck >_< I hate assignments as well...

    anyway, my day was good, I managed to get out of getting a detention because of the homework I hadn't done xD
    Hey ishni,

    Yeah I still watch the anime.
    I have always watched it.
    I thought the battle against Ash vs. Paul was pretty awesome.
    My favourite is still probably Ash vs. Drake in the orange league.

    From Ian
    Hey ishni,

    It has been a while.
    I am great actually.
    In fact today I have finally finished all of my assesment for this term and it is also the day of the final episode of the DP anime.
    And tommorow is the start of the weekend!
    How about you?

    From Ian
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