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  • I never used to; but then again I only literally attempted a hunt once at that time and it ended with a shiny Spinda in 3 days.

    I find it convenient to keep track. I know it's entirely random when the shiny shows up, but you sort of feel a little bit of motivation when you're counting the encounters.
    Yeah, I always feel so sad when I see people who hunt for so many months, then accidentally SR over their final shiny. :/

    I've never had to go as far as 17,000 encounters before, myself, so it feels so disappointing, since my past 2 hunts have given me shinies below 6000
    I haven't found a random shiny in a couple of months. Last burst was my Slugma who I hunted for for a good 5000 encounters, then the very next day on Emerald I find a shiny Swablu. Haven't seen a random or lucky chain shiny ever since. >:

    I think I will give a hunt on Crystal a try, though I'm totally stuck on what to hunt for.
    Oh wow, really? I always knew it was still a 1/8192 chance, and that it's a certain arrangements of IVs that determine its shinyness, but I never thought it'd be a little easier.

    I think I'll give a shot. How's your luck with shinies and such? :3 *thanks for the link, by the way*
    ;o; my chaining's gone rusty toooo~

    I'd love to give the RNG hatching a shot one day, but I'm terrible when it comes to knowing what my Pokemon's IVs are, or my secret ID.
    I wanna get a random encounter shiny on GSC one day. Found my first and only one 7 years ago, and since then I've only managed to hatch shinies.
    Daaaaammmmnnnn;; OTL

    I'm going through such a drought, even an RNG shiny would do just fine for me. I passed nearly 17,000 encounters in my Route 117 hunt with nothing so I'm so uninspired.

    I'm playing it right now. 8D
    Hey, I've found 2 different shinies on my Emerald game *nature-wise*. If I used a Sync Pokemon of the same nature as one, it still wouldn't work in finding a RNG clone, would it?

    *I'm experimenting o3o*
    It probably is, but at least now I understand a heap-load more than what I understood yesterday or the day before. o: Now I at least know what the heck people on the club are talking about! haha~

    How often do you play Pokemon games?
    Oh, wow~ o: I had no idea about that... I see people on the Shiny Lovers Club talk about frames all the time, and I get totally confused about it, 'cos it has alot to do with Emerald's RNG and how you can manipulate it for shinies.

    I'm really glad you replied! Thanks so much! :3
    Thought I'd ask on your page, rather than on the thread *it could be considered off-topic or spam*

    Do you think you could explain to me, like you did on the thread about DPPt's RNG, about Emerald's RNG? Your explanation for DPPt's one was brilliant, but I'm still confused about how Emerald's RNG works.

    Thanks in advance. <:
    P.S. I'm not gonna be on serebii but I'm gonna leave it on for a long time, so if your late, no sweat. Pop on in and I might still be there.
    hi, please hurry cause I have to go soon
    But I think that you'll answer any time soon
    please come online now
    I'm waiting
    I'm touched by your concern, but I'm just fine. ^^

    My computer, on the other hand, is being a bit of a brat right now.

    Long story short - the AC adapter that I got to replace the one that crapped out in June (this was before I met you)...was a dud. It stopped working after less than a month. So I'm waiting for a replacement. I won't be on for a few days, but I'm pretty sure it won't be any more than a week. They're usually pretty timely about these things, you know.
    Oh no! You're sick?

    Really sorry about that.

    Sure hope you get better soon. The weekend's been dead boring without you.

    *sends balloons*
    Uh, hey...it's me.

    Is everything alright? I hadn't heard from you for a couple of days and was getting a little bit worried, especially after you told me about that guy. Maybe you (unlike me) have found something productive or interesting to do with your 4th of July weekend. If so, then that's good.

    Well...just wanted to drop a line and say hi. I'll talk to you later...I guess.
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