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Asian At Heart <3

iSketchy was last seen:
Aug 2, 2012
    1. Guitarzandbulletz
      all most. sorry it is taking so long
      i will try to have it done by tonight
    2. Guitarzandbulletz
      ok im glad you like it :) istarted it and it is a little darker than that so you can see it better. i should be done by tomorrow :)
    3. Guitarzandbulletz
      ok is this roughly what you had in mind for the routes? i want to make sure i am doing it right before i go ahead and start making it?

      just let me know if this is good or you want it changed
    4. Avenger Angel
      Avenger Angel
      Your request is done, sorry for the delay. Work and school adds up.

      Cheers, and hope you enjoy it.
    5. -Sarah
      Your request has been made ! :) You can find it at Mew's Universe !
    6. AceTrainerMohamed
      Hi :)
      yes I made the badges :) without the tablet lol xP
    7. ~Light
      Your request has been made ! :) You can find it at Mew's Universe !
    8. ~Light
      Your request has been made ! :) You can find it at Mew's Universe !
    9. ~Ace
      Hey Sketchy, nvm that below xD

      anyway, I was on my friends wall and is aw your VM, answer is yeah, he makes badges and the ones you saw
    10. iSketchy
      Wait. . what? o.o
    11. ~Ace
      So lets say Competitive Battling, would you be willing to learn/ or take interest?

      anyways, I gotta go now, talk to you tomorrow :)
    12. ~Ace
      Claim A Pokemon Thread Here

      Lol, so are you into any sort of pokemon battling other than in-game? :)
    13. ~Ace
      Yeah, I was on a Forum before this one so i can relate to how your working your way around it so fast with IMG codes and all that, so are you enjoying Serebii so far? :)
    14. ~Ace
      Hey Sketchy, so are you new to forums? :)
    15. Valkyrie Cain
      Valkyrie Cain
      I heard you were looking for some mods for your website....And I wanna know if I can be one.
      So...can I?
    16. iSketchy
      Crapoo, sorry I deleted it XD But thanks! :P
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