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Last Activity:
Feb 22, 2020 at 9:30 PM
Apr 25, 2011
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Informed Casual

Italianbaptist was last seen:
Feb 22, 2020 at 9:30 PM
    1. swizzlegloyd
      Hey do you have lets go Pikachu or Eevee?
    2. Italianbaptist
      No worries, thank you so much too :D
    3. EKZ1505
      Sorry about that, thanks for the code! :)
    4. EKZ1505
      Oh no it's not a problem. Null is HT too, I just thought incorrectly that you wanted the fully evolved one. Back on shortly
    5. Italianbaptist
      Oh because I thought your post said that the HT one could be type null or silvally. I'm down with a non-HT type null though. It was my first shiny this generation and I stupidly evolved and traded it :p
    6. EKZ1505
      Sorry one sec, grabbed the wrong one thinking it was supposed to be Sylvally since you wanted to HT one
    7. EKZ1505
      Yeah I can hop on!
    8. Cyberra
      It was a random shiny I found while hatching rockruffs... I blundered into the grass and ran smack into a shiny mudbray. This was after I'd already hatched and evolved one. I was holding it for trading, and I decided to use it this time ^_^ You're welcome!
    9. Cyberra
      I don't, sorry. I'll be sitting signed into the plaza, so finding me shouldn't be difficult. In-game name is Cyberra
    10. Cyberra
      Atlantic time zone. I'm an hour ahead of you, I think. I'm online now and will be for the next few hours, if you're nocturnal like I am. If now, we can make arrangements for tomorrow evening?
    11. Cyberra
      Mine is 2595 - 1763 - 0232
    12. Cyberra
      Yes, I still need the vulpix. I've asked in the shiny thread for one but no one has responded. And the "I guess not" is from "It's been over a week with no response so I guess it's not happening after all"
    13. Cyberra
      ...Okay. I guess not. Okay then
    14. Cyberra
      Thanks ^_^ I haven't had much luck with SOS hunting and have yet to find any HA 'mons.
    15. Alatar VGC
      Alatar VGC
      [Yes, we are both on Discord. LF and myself

      his tag is Lord Fighting#3844
      mine is Alatar VGC#5649

      Once you added us we will add you to the group chat that a lot of serebii breeders are a part of ] :)
    16. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      Np. I'll start breeding them
    17. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      Sure. Anything not on my list is fine ^^
    18. Alatar VGC
      Alatar VGC
      I will trade you for the shiny muk.

      Name your price.
    19. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      Sorry didn't mean to be rude. :v
      Just assumed it was competitive but its no problem :)

      Yh we'll cancel the trade for now :)
    20. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      Uh..ideally I was hoping for the muk to be competitive but I guess its fine if not :v
      Is it adamant at least?
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