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  • Well cyndaquil is 12.5% female ratio so i would ideally ask for something else as well as the turtonator. Like an item or another apricorn mon.
    Hey mate, no worries! Awesome, we'll trade whenever catch each other then. ;)

    You enjoying Sun? How far have you gotten?
    Hi there! I have your Moon Ball Litwick ready (since you're giving me three things, you don't mind if I give you three Litwick? :p)! When will you be available to trade?
    You can always breed HA onto once pokebank comes out so you could always do that. I have the HA love ball vulpix if u want it though.

    I don't know. I would say no because vgc will focus on the tapus and terrains and singles getting sand buffs. Mean hail is certainly more viable now but its still got faults. I think it will certainly be more used but as far as comp goes I still think it will be below rain and sand.
    Hey bro, just want to check if you're still interested in trading your Shiny Yveltal for my Imposter Ditto with Charizardite X? It's all good if you're no longer interested.

    Cheers. :)
    Posting this here as to avoid cluttering the PotW thread, but to answer your question from over there...

    The PotW articles have been relevant as far as I know. I only started writing a few months ago, which was a crapshoot under VGC16 rules, but anything somewhat viable was given a write-up for VGC16. If they weren't, what was written was more directed towards Battle Spot Doubles (aka VGC15) or Smogon Doubles if they were banned on Battle Spot (like the mythicals).

    The gen 7 articles will continue to have a VGC section, and the other VGC-writer and myself are already working hard for this format, especially since it appears that The Pokemon Company finally cares about the competitive side of the games :)
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