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  • yeah
    i heard its kinda perverted
    (from a youtuber called lost pause.)
    I manly just check out books from the library and teach myself japanese
    Oh cool! I'll add you when I get a chance, my FC is in my signature too. Yeah I'm really excited for the upcoming rules as well!
    Sweet will do. I'll use all 4 of those balls against it and I'll let the Ditto decide which of those balls it wants. :)
    Yeah I played through my OR & AS 8 times total (wanted to have multiple Deoxys), so I definitely have a Charizardite-X to spare. :)

    Are you happy with any Imposter Ditto or is there a particular nature you would like? I will catch one from the Friend Safari in my X.
    Sure I'll happily trade an imposter Ditto for the Yveltal. Is there a particular nature you're after? Also is there perhaps an item you want as well?
    Yup there's also Level Ball. Ok so you're mainly after having one of each ball in your game. I'm happy to get you the rest of the balls you're missing, are there any particular Pokemon you want to be caught in each of them?
    Ok. I have Pokemon Heart Gold so I can catch you whatever you want from there in those Apricorn balls. Feel free to ask for as many as you want, I'm more than happy to help you out as much as I can. If there are any items you want as well, let me know and I'll see what I have. ;)
    You still here?

    edit: I should be available for the whole day (next 12 hours or so. Currently 10.14am here for me. Please let me know if you can arrange a time in between then and I should be able to come on. Cheers. :)
    You still here now? :)

    Dang it missed you by a few mins. I am on NZ Standard Time. Currently 3.20pm on 3rd Nov here.
    Cheers, should be available for the next 5 hours if you're around. Flick me another message if you're on.
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