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  • (That awkward moment when you realize that you didn't respond to a VM from 2 weeks ago...)
    That stinks. If you ever get the opportunity to watch it, I highly recommend it. My only complaint is that it only includes roughly books 1-8 of the series.
    I really like that question as well. Though when I first heard it, my thought was "huh? water right?" before i heard the answer, and then after I heard Toruh answer it I felt somewhat ashamed.
    Wow that's really neat. And I'm sure that you are! ^^
    That is really cool!
    Oh, I'm happy you're read it, it was the first manga I ever read and is one of my favorite mangas now. It's also the only series which I own all of the books of (in English). What I wanted point out about it was not actually Hatsuahru's name, but that your name made me think of the "When the snow melts, what does it become?" question. Have you watched the anime too?
    Today I learned that Haru means spring in Japanese. Do you really like spring? Because your name and your username both have spring in them! Have you ever read the manga "Fruits Basket"?
    Just wanted to say hi and thank you again for the great analysis on Mansion Mystery yesterday!
    I asked you on there, but I saw that you told Apollo that you like to be called Haru, may I please call you that as well?
    Sorry for teh bother...

    I am asking people to join this site that is really big on community. It is a Pokemon site that rewards you with points for when you post and make threads, and it has a reputation system that gives you points when you get a like and when you give one. These points can be traded in to "buy" Pokemon that a Distributor can trade to you in game or through files... which is how people clone. Right now you can get a flawless Genesect, year of the Dragon shinies and the fossil event Pokemon!

    If you don't know how to clone, spending some time there might make you an expert like it did me. Posting 5 times there will make you a member, posting 25 times will give you access to a contributions thread where you have access to a ton of Pokemon files that people have uploaded... usually events and rarish Pokemon. I personally posted Hoenn DW starters on there and I found all 9 Kyushu events shiny in there among other shiny an flawless Pokemon.

    So sorry to bug you but I want to ask you to join the site and post at least 5 times (the minimum it takes to count you as a member). We are at 700 members and once we hit 800 everything in the shop will be half off.


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