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  • Hey, do you mind if we push our battle back a half hour to 9? I'm going to start working on something and I may need a little more than half an hour.
    Oh **** good thing you VMed me, I completely forgot I offered to do this battle tonight. During agents of shield. Alrighty then. Yes, you can switch teams between battles. I think I said my alt is Celestial Phallus. Meet me on Oriserver on PS around that time then?
    Not at all. The closest I've gotten was the time my friends turned my phone into /r/spacedicks
    I can't really battle today because I'm juggling two projects atm and I'm going over to a friend's to record something.
    I have no idea who you are but we need to battle for Masterclass. I'm in GMT -5, and am available after 8 PM on most nights.
    Oh crap! I'm sorry xD I forgot to reply! I'd have to redo a whole bunch of stuff if I started a template now :p shoulda started out that way haha.
    You don't want to do a cross gen trade? It'd be where I trade the pokemon you want to you first then you send the 2 to me on gen6
    I can wait though :3
    Okay, I can trade for the nex hour and a half if you can let me know
    And other with Wooper genesect and shaymin which of the other 3 listed did you want the most?
    Would you trade the kanghaskan and venusaur for the Wooper, genesect, shaymin, and croconaw / Skarmory / HP Grass Cyndaquil?

    I myself can't RNG, I've collected them when I was running my gen5 trade shop, I also can't clone which is why I wasn't offering every poke I own
    Also have these that aren't completely boring pokes

    Rattled Female Adamant flawless Magikarp Splash

    Sturdy Male Adamant Flawless Sudowoodo Low Kick, Rock Throw, Stealth Rock Rock Slide

    Unaware Male Impish Wooper 31/31/31/xx/31/31 Stockpile, Recover, Encore, Curse

    Scrappy Male adamant Tailow flawless Roost, Pursuit, Sky Attack, Whirlwind

    Sand Veil Male Adamant Cacnea flawless Poison Sting, Leer, Seed Bomb

    Adaptability Male Adamant Corphish flawless Bubble, Dragon Dance

    And a flawless Japanese event Genesect, Hasty as its set to be that, ExtremeSpeed, Techno Blast, Blaze Kick, Shift Gear

    I can list some others if needed
    I also have a flawless shiny timid shaymin in a premier ball on gen5, that interest you? I'd have to list what else I have cause I can't remember them all off the top of my head
    That's not really a fair trade since those are all near-flawless and the kanghaskan has 4 flawless stats and a near flawless stat, 3 for one isn't really a fair trade sir
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