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  • No problem. Seeing that we're both online right now, do you think we can do the trade now? FC is 0447 5370 2025, and my name is Gustavo, no surprise.
    Hey, you still want data for Zapdos, right? Because I figured that it might be better to give you dex data for Zapdos sooner. Let me know the next time you see me online, and I'll let you get the data. I figured there's no reason to keep you waiting, and this way, I can avoid rushing you to get Moltres. Reason being is that a friend I know got me the data, but since you asked for Zapdos, there's no reason for me to not let you get data for it, so this will be quicker for both you and me.
    Alright, sounds great. Now I'll just take Moltres out from my sig in case someone else asks later. I'll wait for you as long as I need to, since you've asked first.
    594, and 596 is the maximum number that you can obtain without the Bank at this point. If you get Moltres, I'll be more than willing to give you dex data for Zapdos. But don't feel like you need to rush and catch it right away. I can wait as long as necessary.
    Of everything obtainable at this point, the only Dex Data I need are for Articuno and Moltres. Do you have either one of those?
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