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  • Hi sandshrew! How's it going? Well I found that Adult pokemon group that you said someone made. You know, that is a social group, not a club and there isn't this type of club in the club section so you could still make that and it'd be the first since groups and clubs are different things here!
    Well in that case, it would go in the "clubs" section. I'd join that! Incidentally, I own a club there; the gts guardians.
    I am logging off now, chats laters!
    Cool! Great. How is the "recruitment" going? The others on my friends list are also adults and are worth adding.
    Hi, It's sandshrew! I am glad to get your friend request and will accept it! What age are you? I am 26. Getting a group of older players together is a really cool idea!

    I wouldn't recommend joining it since you need to pay 10 bucks to register and you can get easily banned if you make an idiot out of yourself (and it's very easy to do this).
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