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My first Pokémon game was Pokémon Stadium, and the first main series game I played was Pokémon Emerald. I'm a tried-and-true fan of the series in general, and my favorite generation in particular is Gen 3.

Beyond Pokémon, I tend to mostly play Nintendo games. Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, Smash Bros., you get the idea. I can generally get into a number of games.

Beyond games, I'm a recent graduate with a degree in Computer Game Science, with interest in scripting languages like Python, C++, etc.

Drawing, music, video games, etc.
United States
Favourite Pokémon
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someone on YouTube said:
rule #1 never expect the internet to take it easy on you. If there's someone saying something as simple as "I like bread," you will probably get insults, complaints, and nitpicks regardless of how insignificant the statement sounds to you. ;)
someone else on YouTube said:
Screw off man bread sucks.

What I'm currently doing:

- Waiting for Pokémon Sword & Shield info