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  • OK, here's the thing- I checked Serebii's Pokédex page for Nidoking, but it doesn't list Nidoking as learning Thrash at level 1. Thing is, I know for a fact that it does, because I have, through use of a glitch, caught a level 1 Nidoking in Red, and yes, it does know Thrash at that level. I already posted in the appropriate thread to alert Serebii to the error, but if he doesn't fix it in time, I assume I'll have to drop my Nidoking off another week to learn Thrash?
    Heya! So a while back you asked me to edit my Coin Exchange post... Well, I really haven't been around since then, and just now saw it, sorry. Taken care of.
    Hey Itza, sorry to bother you (again ^^; ) but there's a little problem related to your latest update of the FB Bank, as I pointed out in my reply/post of that update.

    You see, as you might know, I've been on vacation since last week, so my abilities to post was limited in both in time and in technical issues because of using a phone. I was only able edit in last week's Monday Candy on my last update/reply's post earlier today, as I only arrived yesterday night/early this morning and I needed to tend up unpacking my things. Anyhow, I believe that you didn't see that edit, as an hour after I edited my post, you posted the update and it was a candy short (compared to the total before adding last week's Monday candy.)

    Well as you can see, in the meantime I've added last week's candy on this new update, but it is ok that I do that, or would you prefer that you edit your update and that I remove that candy from my latest post?
    *facepalm* Indeed, in the Beauty Salon, I meant to re-drop my Ralts, not my Baltoy that's at 10 BPs already ^^; DERP. Thanks for catching it! ^^
    Done. Might wanna add that reminder in your post still just in case, for record purposes. XP
    Um, Itza? Understandable why you'd miss it but just so you know, I edited my post in the Bank minutes before you updated. ^^;
    Hey, Itzatrap. I just wanted to let you know that I dropped off my Feebas at the Move Tutor, not Growlithe.

    It was probably because of my avatar. ^^; whoops. lol
    Just a heads-up, it's a Numel I dropped off at the Training Center, not a Raticate. Also, sorry about the wrong generation Pokédex entry.
    I just wanted to let you know that I edited my old Coin Exchange post with the link from Jirachi's Casino as you requested! Sorry about that! By the time my post was approved on BMGF (I guess it's because of my low post count), the shop had already been closed.
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