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  • Agh I knew I forgot something! >.< I forgot in the Coin Exchange to edit/tweak my post related to the mistakes we talked earlier (my previous balance and new balance total that is), and now the thread is locked! Sorry about that :/ Well I believe it's only the deposits/withdraws that counts anyways, correct? If that's the case then there should be no problem as long as you don't base my new balance on the one I wrote. Just a heads up. I'm really sorry for bothering you again ^^;;
    Oh! What a twist! XP I'll verify the calculations again just in case later, and if I see anything I'll point it out again. Thank you very much! :)
    Hello! Sorry to bug you again ^^; I think that my total of coins in your update in the Coin Exchange is a bit off... You see, I started with 100,468 coins (which you had that correct) but, in my previous update/post, I had withdrawn in total 24,468 coins (which that means I have 76,000 left) and, without the Christmas stuff I didn't link properly, have deposited a total of 45,600 coins, which means I should have a grand total of 121,600 coins... which is different from the total of 128,200 you gave. My numbers would make sense since the total I had with the stuff I didn't link properly, 139,100 coins, remove the total of the mislinked stuff from that number (2 Big Pearls (3,750 coins x2) + Chocolate Coins (5,000 coins) + Magical Snorunt Plushie (5,000 coins) = 17,500) and you get 121,600 coins again. Am I missing something or...?

    Anyhow, for now I deposited the Big Pearls, Chocolate Coins and the plushie with the correct links (well, link, since it's from the same post) with the number you originally put (128,200 coins), but I'll edit it if you need to edit on your side.
    Hey, Itzatrap! Long time no see! I just had a quick question about this confirmation post. I had dropped off my Riolu that week for BP's 9-10, and yet I don't see that you confirmed it. It's no big deal to me, but it was such a long time ago that I don't really know how you wanted me to go about fixing it. Should I just re-drop Riolu off this week? I don't mind to.

    Sorry to bother you about this!
    Hello! :) Uhm, there's a little issue about the latest Beauty Salon post ^^; You see, you've wrote that both my Drowzee and my Spoink are now at 4 BPs. However, when I dropped them (as I also linked to), my Drowzee was already at 4 BPs, therefore should be at 8 BPs right now. Can you please edit it? Thanks :)
    Hey Itza, Sorry for possibly being blunt about it, but I noticed that the Beauty Salon hasn't been updated for pick ups for this week/Monday... ^^; Can you please update it? Thanks in advance :)
    Hello there. Was my post in the Move Tutor overlooked or is there something wrong that I did that I am not noticing?
    I think you might have skipped me in the Move Tutor update. But if it was something I did wrong, let me know!
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