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  • Apologies about the TC, I've edited my post so I'll pick up Diglett next week with both moves if that's okay
    Thanx for noticing my error in the Daycare hon, I thought about it when I went to bed last night but I was too tired to go back downstairs to check if I had messed up or not.
    Just need confirmation from the Beauty Salon that my Riolu has 4 BPs and not 2, since 2 was what he already had when I dropped him off. Thanks ;)
    Sweet potato is close; the real answer and a sweet potato are often confused, but they are not the same thing...
    Well you still hasvent fixed the parts I mentioned which is the main reason I VM'd you ^^; If you've ever watched wild westerns the whole point of breaking a horse zebra is riding it until it's tame. Chimchar needs to ride it, not KO it with Flamethrower. And like I just said, it's owned by the ranch so you can't use your Pokéball on it. I like my updatees to figure things out by themselves but if you're still having trouble understanding the concept then I'll tell you what to do if you want.
    Yeah you can talk to it if you want, that won't make a difference to the update though I shouldn't think.
    Hey Itza, by "know who's boss" I meant something like Leer, a Flamethrower would probably KO it :d And it's owned by the ranch so it can't be caught. Or was that just a way of taming it?
    Yeah, the 15/16 one on one is fine and yeah I'll let the ref pick. Want me to request a ref now?
    I have level 1, a soon to be 2 and 15. We can have a one on one with the 15 and 16 or two on two with the 15, 16 and the 1s. Up to you, you can also pick the stadium if you want
    I haven't even started writing your update yet. Feel free to change whatever you like in your latest post, but I suggest you do so as soon as possible.
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