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  • (blinking rapidly for all of about three seconds, then chuckling alertly) As the other bronies would say, Ivan, welcome to the herd. Your timing I find quite notable: I've devised an overarching scenario for how I would end Pokémon in Unova entirely, something Janovy already knows about. You can give those ponies some of the credit for that special scenario, inspired by a different decision on my part to dig even deeper into their past, starting with an event known as Rescue at Midnight Castle. Suffice to say that you wouldn't believe some of the bigger scenarios I've devised involving Twilight Sparkle, her main friends, and Celestia and Luna this whole time, and if that wasn't enough, I gained a chance to cheer the bronies' entry into my home city toward the end of this past June, via a convention titled Fiesta Equestria. To think that I was fully prepared to finish 2011 believing that an anime-related convention would be my first one ever. For my part, that scenario has resulted in a few tidbits that could make your jaw drop.:

    1. Ghetsis and Giovanni killed via massive explosion during showdown at Undersea Temple
    2. Reorganization of N's followers into Harmonia Industries and remaining Team Rocket members into Rocket Ramen Restaurants
    3. Pearlshipping, Wishfulshipping, and Admirationshipping "headcanonical"

    Consider that a simple taste of the effects reverberating from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic's presence in my memory, all just weeks before its fourth season premiere, at least in my corner of the world. The ponified videos I've tracked could be stories by themselves.
    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It began in early October 2011, with a thread on the Codename: Kids Next Door Fan Forum, which had been and still remains one of my main Internet hangouts. Nobody had ever attempted to turn that toy franchise, as bland and shallow as it had been widely considered in the past, into a cartoon before, as far as I knew when I first came across it. What I saw in that thread, starting with the character designs, was enough to tell me that this show could give Japan's cartoons a bit of competition in cuteness with appeal in the general population, beyond its intended audience, so I started a thought experiment under the assumption that I would enjoy it from the moment I started studying it. About one month and several monumental convergences in my usual thought processes later, Friendship is Magic had become the most influential American-made cartoon in my memory to premiere close to the start of the 2010s. Several of the main Pearlshippers and Wishfulshippers here, including Adelaide1994, pokefan#493, ben_pokemon, and 00poke_maniac, are already aware of this development.
    do you know that summary episodes in dp?there are 2,and are japan only.
    Dp192,193 will have the same destiny...they wont leave japan,trust me...even te usa dub wont get it.(since they are the most updated after japan)
    dp191,5 explain why the things that came out of nowhere in DP192 make sense(off screen REALISTIC speculation)
    I remember watching burmy ---> evolution when 2012 began(yeah 0:00 am here)
    dp is the best way to celebrate something xD,and even if molten sux...at least It was an evolution.
    Spoilers....hmmmm,yeah it has,almost forgot...it is in ps thread,but it is in spoiler tags so dot worry.
    im using skype with raghav because He doesn't have msn....but i prefer msn.xD
    send me a pm with your msn.
    by the way,why dont we chat in realtime messages?it is so boring to refresh pages....but it has to be one 3 way,so that adelaide1994 can join in
    have you read mine?191,5 too.....pearlshippers/great minds think the same xD
    i can only make fan episodes scripts....i cant make fanfiction
    No need to worry, to quote Ash and Dawn. I typically like choosing my favorite television programs and characters as intentionally as I can, so that I'm certain about what I'm doing. I have a feeling that you'd be very surprised to learn just how my view of Pearlshipping and Wishfulshipping alike has affected my perception of a different cartoon that I fully integrated into my usual thought processes last November... after only having come across it for the first time mere weeks earlier, but also how certain events in the past ended up pointing me toward Ash and Dawn's romantic friendship, both in the realm of fiction and in real life.
    Hat swapping would be nice xP,that image on fb.
    I thought of something that could have happened in DP191:Imagine that the wind is blowing strongly and then Satoshi's hat go with the wind....and then it goes in the port direction.Hikari grabs it....Satoshi's is a little furstrated,but quickly says..."keep it,consider it a present!!!" or smething like this....
    ahhhh I love this type of situation xD
    Rica Matsumoto and Megumi Toyoguchi will never be replaced xP
    I never thought a woman could interpret a boy character so well.I'll search for some italian dub episodes to check it out xD
    ANd dont forget that dubs dont have High Touch song...and that is the basis of Pearlshipping...also I bet italian dubs didnt cut out those dub edits about OS Pokeshipping,nor the handsome thing in DP180.And that...is one of the things that makes me hate dubs.
    But anyay,I need to see the italian dub to come to a conclusion first xP
    Call it a lack of awareness more than anything else. I don't typically use Facebook, but I do usually visit several news websites, most often Fox News Channel and the British Broadcasting Corporation. As for Pokémon itself, I currently have two other human pairings that I've come to support in addition to Pearlshipping, namely Wishfulshipping and Admirationshipping. How about you?
    I mean,I also loved the brazilian dubs and always watched it.I avoided the original as I could,but...after BW began,I was watching every episode in the original and it was way better than any dub.After that I watched OS and DP originals,and now I just can't stand brazilian dubs anymore...(or any dubs actually,usa dubs are actually worse than brazilian ones)
    AH ...also Italia is perfect for the food too ^^
    I´ve been to the northern part and ate very well.Yep,I know about Mediterranian and famous Napoli Pizza,yet...the best pizza I ate there was in Assisi,in a little restaurant xP(Actually I can´t say its the best since I didnt go to Napoli yet haha)
    Hhehehe...I've been to so many places,but Italy is the one I hold dearest.(Maybe it is because,I'm an Italian descendant).
    Venezia is awesome,I got lost there a bit,but Piazza San Marco is astonishing(It is a shame that I was under some construction when I was there,but we could see everything at least)
    Napoli I'll definately go when I have time(and money xD)
    I agree with Adelaide statement \/ We are the Pearl trio
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