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  • i dont has that :(, and yea i just got a team from som1 yesterday and holy crap i LOVE it
    yeah, it would be awesome if u made delirium again. To be honest, i don't really want to join any of the clans that are up right now. None of them really appeal to me. It would also be nice to get the gang together again just like old times.
    Yeah, lol. Mine was good thanks, I went into town to see my nan because it was her birthday and I was being cooked by the hot sun! Good luck with the exam, I have GCSE practise papers next week, getting us ready for next year. Eep...
    Lol, yeah I'm a Sports Representative for the Yeargroup. Well I didn't mind doing the 1500m as long as the others in my form would stay loyal- they said that would just not turn up on the day, which is insulting. Never mind, so how was your day today?
    I live in Buckinghamshire, England. We are holding Athletics which includes: Javelin, Shot Putt, Discus, Long Jump, Triple Jump, 100m sprint, 200m sprint, 300m, 400m, 800m, 1500m and 400m relay (100m sprint per person in each form/class team) I'm doing Javelin, Relay, 800m and 1500m as no one else would do 1500m! Glad you enjoyed it, sounds exciting there :)
    Hope you had fun in NYC, I've never been to the states so, yeah... We still have another month and a half of school after Half Term. Soon it's Sports Day and I'm looking forward to that!
    Whoo Rocketshipping owns! Yeah, i'm good and glad we have Half Term- a break from preparation exams for GCSE's next year, FREEDOM! It's quite late now 23:20 so I might get told to go to bed soon and as this isn't my family's laptop so my parents can't confisgate it. lol
    Sup bro.
    I just wanted u to be the first to know BigDaddy D is back.
    Got that B-A-C-K... with some exceptions.
    ya see i cant be on serebii and battle at the same time cuz mycomputers messed up and my laptop is super glitchy. So Im on my DSi right now.
    And sign me up for that mighty clanof yours.
    also, if you could get the word around that Im back :}
    I'm fine ^_^ having some tough studying in the university , learning Petrol isn't as easy as I thought

    what about you ^_^ ? how's your clan ?
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