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  • Aura Sphere, Vacuum Wave, Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse seems like it would be good, though Fairy and a few others resists both types so maybe switch Vacuum Wave (or Nasty Plot if this is MegaLucario) for Flash Cannon. Fighting, Dark, Steel is completely unresisted.
    Didn't realize I could've used six Pokemon in that battle, thought it was just 3 like all the other single battles...oops XD
    Oh, wow, it's not! Just that the friend that it belongs to has his name set as "me", so I just thought it was mine since he doesn't have X or Y. That would explain why I haven't found the third one. XD What is mine, then?
    Just found your third one: Quilladin! If it wouldn't be too much to ask, could you tell me what my third Safari Pokemon is, I've been unable to find one. I already know that I have Sneasel and Delibird.
    That's strange, I'm able to enter enter mine. I can tell you that your type is Grass with Pansage and Swadloon. I don't what the third one is.
    Oh that's okay. If you feel like you should review it some, then try asking why you liked it or why you didn't like it. Questions like that can help flesh out some of your critiques. In all honesty I'm just happy a couple people are trying to follow along with my story.
    Just checked, and you can get a Sachet from someone in Cyllage City and both the Whipped Dream and the Sachet can be found in Route 12 by riding a Skiddo and using Cut, respectively.
    So to make sure I understand, you want me to trade you a Swirlix that's holding Whipped Dream, correct?
    That's a tough one. I think it will require some more testing for me to be able to say for sure. What do you think?
    Overall, the team is pretty good, though Fairies can be tough once Aegislash and Magnezone get KO'd. The ones I battled were Azumarill and Florges with Hidden Power Fire I'm guessing, but it could've also been Ground. Risky to switch Noivern in on that since Florges can hit it with a Fairy move and then it turns into a switch-fest between Steel and Noivern. Azumarill is the same just with Ice Punch, Play Rough, SuperPower and likely Waterfall. A Poison-type might help against Fairies (unless the Hidden Power really was Ground). Maybe Gale Wings Talonflame could serve as a Fairy counter. Protean Greninja was also troublesome, but don't know how much we can do about that.
    I'm probably not the right person to ask; I've never used it. :D If you ever want to trade, don't hesitate to ask, I have plenty of Pokemon (even some X exclusives) that I can breed and trade for you.
    How about maxed out HP and then 128 in each defense? Starmie has pretty low HP and good defenses aren't much help without the HP to back it up, so it needs help there. After a Cosmic Power or two, its defenses should be quite good. And yes, Modest nature of course.
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