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  • I always post the URL when I'm giving the finished clock out. So there's no worries there.
    You could possibly type out the image url manually. Although that might be a bit of a pain, it's always worth a shot.
    That, I wouldn't be able to tell you. The phone I have is a cheap Straight-Talk Wal-Mart brand piece of junk, so I have no clue how all those fancy newfangled phones and tablets work. :I
    I'll be sending out PMs to everyone who's made a post in the thread as slots open. I do this so that people can't claim slots while the list is full, but those who are eager for one have the advantage of receiving a notification the exact moment more spots open up. So far, other than a little problem with time zones, it's been working pretty smoothly.
    But since the list is full, I will ask a question: Is it mandatory to give credit for these? Because I find credits to be annoying and in-the-way.
    While it is certainly nice when people do, It's not like I'm going to go around forcing people into doing so. All I'd ask is, if you do eventually get a clock, to kindly point the way to to my shop if another member happens to ask you where you got it from. :)
    ...Smogon seems a bit out of my league... Simulators aren't my deal. Forget I asked.
    What about... Medicham? I already have one of those trained up.
    If you want to get into the larger competitive community, maybe look into the Smogon Showdown simulator or the Pokemon Online simulator (that's the one I use). Starmie can do little in the way of Dark and Steel types (other than Hidden Power, of course), so a Fighting Pokemon would be a good partner. Hitmontop has pretty good defenses (even better if it has Intimidate), and Machamp and Conkeldurr both can take and deal hits. As for Shuckle, I have no idea.
    So, basically taking Smogon's Bulky Rapid Spin set and turning it into a tank by giving it Cosmic Power instead of Rapid Spin? Cool and could easily get in at least one free set up if the opponent is expecting you to Rapid Spin and so sends out a Spin Blocker. If you're going for a defensive set, might I suggest Magic Coat or Pain Split so you can regain HP while taking from the opponent's at the same time? Have you tested this Starmie in an OU setting yet?
    I'm also kinda iffy about Wonder Trade, though. Not knowing what you're getting until trade happens? No thanks!
    To be honest, I haven't been paying much attention to that, but from what I do know, it looks pretty good especially the fact that we will be able to search for any Pokemon in the GTS. The fact the the 3DS can connect the internet a lot easier than the DS helps, too. Your opinion on the features?
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