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  • Huh? No. Miss told me that it was on tuesday... so tomorrow - and don't forget your shoes this week or Kelly's going to literally hit your head on the wall. Miya was being a total turd today; you'll be happy you missed school - she was doing one of her well rehearsed: 'Oh! I'm so amazing! Everyone loves me! The fact I can barely write my name doesn't make a difference! All the boys love me because I have no sense and do whatever they want...'
    And I had to hit Cameron for being completely disgusting; all in all - a NORMAL day. But don't forget to come to training!
    You want to be adopted?
    this is my profile:
    Name you want to be called: Cole, or Darkrai, doesn't matter
    Age: 14
    Likes: Platinum version
    Dislikes: French Toast...
    SPPf Forums you visit often: Fan art
    For the Adopters; length of time I have been here at the forums: since the the 25th of september...or august, I can't remember one of those two, though
    Gender: Male
    Hey Iv's! Welcome! I just gotta sort out some stuff and all - I'll PM you but thought it'd be nice for you to get more profile messages!
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