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  • Hey there, I was wondering if you still had a minchino with aqua tail and iron taiL? I would really be interested in one, I can offer many high level pokemon in exchange.
    To keep a long story short, the basic objective is to get a Pokemon to survive even when it's using Struggle by Tricking Leftovers onto the Pokemon, putting it to sleep, and using Pain Split as a last resort. Struggle takes away 1/4 of the Pokemon's HP every time it hits; Lefties heals back 1/16 of the Pokemon's HP every turn. That means the Pokemon "loses" 3/16 every turn, technically. By putting the Pokemon to sleep, you give it more time to recover health with Lefties. And finally, if the Pokemon is below 1/4 HP, and you are not confident that it will stay asleep long enough to regain health, you use Pain Split with a high HP Pokemon in order to get the wild Pokemon's HP back to a higher level. It's really incredible.
    Dude the only thing I actually said is that I was hunting Manaphy; maybe he found that interesting or something.
    A lot of RE hunts end early, but a significant number end after many more than 8192, too. Over 10% of MM hunts I've seen have ended in under 10 eggs, which is ridiculously lucky if the odds really are 1/1365.3. It can't hurt to track how long it takes us, and at worst we'll just confirm that the odds really are what we've been told.
    Woah I can't believe that you got BOTH shiny roamers in the span of a few days! That's some super luck right there...congratulations!!!

    By the way, you've inspired me to resume my hunt for Raikou, so I guess I should be thanking you, too. :)
    Congrats on the two new shinies (I can't really imagine hunting the roamers, I'm too impatient for it) and good luck with eevee.
    Are we still allowed to vote for the art contest? I liked Ampharos_Spark's a lot but LSA's was really amazing so I vote for her. I apologize if it's to late to vote.
    The exact same thing happened to me as ShinyDoug o_o
    When you posted yesterday I was going for K'sa or A_S but decided to wait for LSA's entry to be fixed, and I'm glad I did!

    So LSA gets my vote aswell~
    Ooh, such a close choice. They're all so good! I was going between A_S and K'sa, was about to vote for the former when I said, "Let me see LSA's first. And she didn't disappoint! My vote goes to LSA!
    I'm gonna be a jerk and right before I leave on my trip, remember to post the art contest stuff~

    *hug* I'll speak to you whenever I get back on, ok?
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