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  • Thanks! That Hydreigon took me a few days to make since tt was quite hard and complicated for me. The contest entry picture, with the Hoenn starters, was drawn when I didn’t really feel like drawing. Also sorry for not replying right away, I’ve been busy with some things.
    I figured it might've been how it worked in the olden days when the seed wasn't set at a certain clockstrike and stuff.

    Oh well, it's not like I really wanted the Basculin (It's pretty ugly...). C:
    Perhaps it's crap, but something tells me the invisible random selector was set on Nidorina, thus when I turned off my GBA, not saving the first encounter, the imaginary dial was still set on Nidorina, or that Safari Zone area, and it was coincidental I saw a 2nd one.

    Retracing only meant the number of resets of entering; exiting zones in your game-play session. You could do what you want & I chose to re-land near that old shiny frame; which worked.

    And I wasn't trying to SPAM; was trying to help fellow shiny hunters.
    yeah i do admit i did but it wasn't accually call it a club ur correct but the correct term was social group...sorry...it was late that night and wasn't thinking when i typed...
    sorry...its just there is no problem that u can be it too different things...its not a club, its a open community hunt...i just suggested if they want too...please don't leave messages with disagreements...please don't take it the wrong way...not trying to start anything just i just get annoyed when people accuse me for things im not trying to do...we made are little post social group because the others spam us rules that we don't want to get infract about small stuff...really do appoligize if it upset u...i just thought there was no harm just suggesting to be in a shiny community hunt thats open to everyone...sorry...
    No, I love Torchic. I'm gonna save before evolving it in case I don't like it, but it, like Lillipup, may look better on-screen. We'll see ;)
    K thanks! Currently SRing for a cool ID. I realized how much easier it is to SR for Torchic instead of Mudkip, so Torchic is my target. I'll count SRs on this one. I don't particularly like shiny Blaziken though...
    Thanks! And miraculously, my Ruby version, bought used, is still alive. Would the Berry Glitch affect the RNG at all? I never fixed that
    Hey Ivyon, I figured a more experienced hunter like you would know the answer to this, and I saw you were online, so here goes.

    Do you have to change your ID on RS, or is that just and Emerald SR thing? I saw people in their videos saying that they changed theirs every 500, but I figured I'd ask you to see if you know. If not I'll ask Abenzio
    Mr. Sillybuckets? Lol. I like that.

    I didn't play into the sarcastic "You do know what that is, don't you" bull crap that she was baiting. I'm too old to be going back and forth with people on the internet.
    Hey Ivyon! Just got MSN to chat with all the shiny hunters sometime! Send me your contact info so we can chat as a group! :)
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