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  • I agree. The middle evolution is best..from the front. I like the blue and white contrast. From the back you see very little white. :(
    Well, I am probably going to evolve my Snivy completely. Although I don't like Shiny Serperior's coloring, from the back a large portion of the sprite is the pretty blue that Snivy and whatever it's evolution's name is.

    Hold on..
    I could have swore there was an in-game location..

    Oh well. :( Now I am sad because I wanted to reset for it!

    Thank you1 :D
    When you get the event item, are you going to SR for the Water/Fighting Musketeer? (Congrats on the Rock/Fighting one!)
    You can get a second Masterball o_O. I didn't know that.

    It might be a possible hunt in the future, but for now I'm busy leveling my team to take on the E4 for the second round :p.
    Have you tried getting the second masterball ingame?

    And, why not give a try for Komatana? Everybody loves Kirikizan.
    I swear some of them like playing mind tricks. Good thing to know Cobalon is darker, will be another hunt of mine when I can get a MasterBall(just in case)

    I wanted to try and RE for a shiny Kibago, but there are Gantoru in the cave, and I already have a shiny one(and I don't really want a second one). There are a couple of places I'm thinking of, but I'm not sure yet.
    Heh, thanks for the tip. If I ever get around to hunting there again, I'll be sure to send something over from 4th gen :).
    Hmmmmm, then again i havent been on in such a long time, so i dont clearly remember you :( but thanks for the welcome back, how are things with you?
    Hiii, for some odd reason i dont recognize the name, is it a new name? if so, what was your old name so i could at least get a clear picture of who you might be. :D ty ~kar
    It's not just a club. Not to me anyways. I have no place that I belong or feel like I belong, I found this place and I felt like I belonged for the first time in a logn time. Now I have been shoved out of that. Now I am just a random ******* with no friends and no one who cares about me.
    It doesn't matter if it's the first time you said anything. I already admitted he was right if you would have actually taken the time to read my newest post which is now deleted.

    But instead, you decide to come here and rub it in my face. Why do I always seem to find people like you? Life just isn't worth living if I am going to constantly meet people that do this. :/ I might well just end it. **** everyone.
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