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  • Battle series- Arcanine lv50 Docile
    Character Fair-Shaymin-lv50 Timid
    Character Fair-Pikachu-lv50 Brave
    Kyushu- Kokura-Sceptile lv 50 Jolly (shiny)
    Kyushu-Kokura-Swampert lv50 Adamant (shiny)
    Satoshi's Scraggy lv1 Adamant
    Ash's Pikachu lv 50 Naughty
    Nok- Mew- lv50 Bashful
    Nok-Darkrai-lv50 Calm
    Nok-Regigigas-lv100 Jolly

    these ones right?
    understandable. and i'm really sorry. i just got off of work (was supposed to be off 3 hours ago)
    i don't work at all tomorrow, so just let me know when is good for you.
    sure sounds good to me(about the trade replace). but i was just on my way home I'll be there in 30 mins. boss was sick so i had to work extra. i'm so sorry.
    ok that's cool. well we can keep the two on the list and if you come across anything cool let me know. if you don't like the idea that's fine too.
    0.0! i just realized i have both of these
    YOTD Druddigon (Modest) OT Chloe (japanese english characters)
    YOTD Swablu (hardy) OT Chloe (japanese english characters)
    i'm really sorry. i can still trade the ones we agreed on, but you don't need to include these.

    by the way what's pokemon plus?

    oh i can trade before friday, just need to let me know what time so i can take my lunch break. towards the end of my shift it gets a little complicated.
    so if you want to trade tonight, just let me know about what time i should take a break.
    sure that's fine with me.
    i haven't been in school for a long time so it's hard to remember people need to go to sleep.
    ok can you give me a time idea? i ususally work every day from 2-10 central time. it take 30 mins to get to and from work.
    sure. i can clone a copy and give you back the originals if you like. just let me know which ones or all.
    Jolly meloetta, timid shiny Ludicolo Kyushu train, Kyushu train shiny modest for my Gamestp deoxys, PC Fukuoka groudon (shiny), and my Japanese movie tie in hydreigon shiny that's what it was in case you were looking to find out
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