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Recent content by iwillHM01you

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    What's Your Favorite and/or Least Favorite Pokemon/Type?

    Who's your favorite Pokémon? It's been azumarill for a few weeks but i change my mind often Who's your LEAST favorite Pokémon? pretty much everything in ubers other than blaziken and venusaur What's your Favorite Pokémon TYPE? Water with normal as a close second What's your LEAST Favorite...
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    #007 Squirtle / #008 Wartortle / #009 Blastoise

    i really need two squirtles (m+f) that have counter (they get it from gen III tutors) i can trade any regular starter, as well as totodiles and mudkips with gen III tutor moves i also have zorua, and am willing to trade a reshi or zek please pm me if you can get one :)
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    #060 Poliwag / #061 Poliwhirl / #062 Poliwrath / #186 Politoed

    i have zorua and pokerus and starters to trade for any drizzle poliwag i really need one for an OU rain team :)
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    #642 Thundurus

    Can I borrow somebody's thundurus to help me get landorus? I'll let you borrow the landorus for the dex, and then I'll give back your thundurus. Can somebody at least do a quick trade/trade back with me so that I can get the data for thundurus? thanks :)
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    Official Signature Check Thread - NEW: CHECK OP TO LEARN HOW TO SELF CHECK IMAGES

    Check please I think it's fine but I'm not sure if it's too vertical
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    #570 Zorua / #571 Zoroark

    I can breed zorua to trade for rufflet, tornadus, or a Unova fossil
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    3rd Gen Nuzlocke Challenge Thread!

    are you allowed to use in-game trade and gift pokés?
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    Agnostic, Religious or Atheist

    ... humility...
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    3rd Gen Monotype Challenge Thread!

    I can't decide what type to do for FR Can someone give me my type? I can't trade so not like dragon please :P
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    Storyline and Characters Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    Because Zekrom is in black2 and Reshiram is in white2, Zekrom will cause a blackout in black city, and Reshiram will start a forest fire. Hopefully.
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    Gameplay Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    I know that everybody's already said it, but I really want dream world abilities by default. It will make picking a starter more complex, and the rest of the game will feel more different than bw1. Also, definitely vs. seeker, and if they don't add in a battle frontier, I at least want triple...
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    heartgold team

    I might use a third, so if anybody has ideas that would be nice;370; Lapras;131; #shell bell -surf -ice beam -confuse ray -thunderbolt Ditto;132; #exp. share/quick claw -transform
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    Storyline and Characters Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    Ever since I played Black for the first time I was hoping that Gray would have Cheren and Bianca as playable protagonists, with Hilbert or Hilda and Cheren or Bianca as the rivals
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    5th Gen Scramble Challenge Thread!

    I'm only using one non-gen V pokémon Do you have any ideas for fifth gens?
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    5th Gen Scramble Challenge Thread!

    I have two fifth gen games so I'll do that :) EDIT: One of my rules is that all traded pokémon have to be eggs, and in order for cubone to beat another one, I would have to use it in another game first Do you have any other ideas? sorry :P