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  • hatched an extrasensory budew £: it took serious training with nuzleaf. do you want to trade? my friend code is 2624 0080 7252
    im working on an egg move extrasensory budew. first,train a male nuzleaf to level 49 without evolving. shiftrys cant learn it. then breed with a roselia or roserade that carries a rose incense from the driftveil market. can i trade my budew for your deino? after i train seedot
    Now offering the following pokemon:
    -Dark Pulse Deino
    -Extremespeed Dratini
    -Dark Pulse Zorua
    -Outrage Gible
    -Mach Punch/Drain Punch Timburr
    Yay! Well done! That is good news indeed!
    I've been so busy with shiny hunting that I didn't even have the time to get my shiny lilligant to lvl. 100 (and I still haven't named her yet! :S).

    Oh and the Ninetails you traded me had the honour of standing face to face with shiny Kyurem (I wish I could have recorded it :( ). :D
    UPDATED LIST: All that's left for a completed PokeDex on my end are Porygon2, Blissey, Cascoon, Dustox, Camerupt, Spinda, Porygon-Z, Keldeo, Meloetta, and Genesect
    In The Games Department
    Pokémon Black & White - Porygon

    A new promotion has begun on the Global Link for North America & Australia. This promotion, announced to tie in with the renewal of the Global Link a couple of weeks ago, offers a variety of Porygon material. First, you have a downloadable Porygon, with its Hidden Ability of Analytic, which is unlocked via password from IGN: IGNPORYGON. The Event Database has been updated with details of this event
    Second, there's a Porygon2 Pokémon Doll for you to decorate our Dream World house. This promotion has no password at all
    Finally, there's a Porygon-Z C-Gear skin to obtain. This C-Gear skin, same as the one in Japan last year, needs a password that will be distributed on Pokemon.com: PORYZCGEAR2012
    All of these promotions run until September 27th so get while you can and we'll provide European details when they come

    this from serebii lol
    i can trade you any and or all of these pokemon for a mew: Porygon, Moltres, Wobbuffet, Blissey, Cascoon, Dustox, Camerupt, Spinda, Phione.
    let me know if you are interested, what you want and i will get them ready for you
    Hi where did you get your shiny mew what ball is it in what is its OT ID number and also what are its moves I have a shiny docile rayquaza and also what nature is your shiny mew?
    Hi there! I'm just looking to complete my PokeDex through regular trades or DexTrading. All that's left are...

    Porygon, Moltres, Wobbuffet Porygon2, Blissey, Celebi, Cascoon, Dustox, Camerupt, Spinda, Rayquaza, Deoxys, Porygon-Z, Mespirit, Palkia, Regigigas, Cresselia, Phione, Manaphy, Keldeo, Meloetta, and Genesect.

    If its not on this list, I can trade it to you for your own Pokedex.
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