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  • Hey bro, don't know if you'll ever see this, but happy birthday! Congrats on finally being 18. Hope you're doing well. :)
    idk if you're ever gonna come back on here, but just wanted to say heyy

    btw if you ever do see this, you should PM me your cell number. so we can actually keep in touch. x)
    I haven't finished it yet, ever since I got a job I haven't had time for very much lol. I haven't even started looking into which colleges I might wanna go to. I probably should tho.
    ofc not, this place is our home... that I really should post more on. I pretty much just lurk now. :'(
    Been getting ready for finals, playing Alpha Sapphire. hbu?
    Bro idk. Probably something related to computers and technology, but that's all I know. hbu?
    Starbucks, Nintendo, Pokémon, Valve... I think that's it lol.

    ikr, I literally did no homework in middle school and still got straight A's and B's. Now I actually have to work for my grades. lol
    IDK, a lot of cool companies up there I guess, that I could potentially work at after college. I don't wanna do community college. I really want the full, four-year college "experience" so unless I really need to I don't wanna do a two-year college.

    And ikr, I was in I think seventh grade when I joined SPPf!
    He has good reason, anything Ford that's newer than 1970 is garbage.
    I've even seen a video where Fords CEO admits that they make cheap cars for the common consumer to get in and drive, they don't really take the time to make decent motors.

    I love the Shelby series Mustangs, those things are fast as ****, but there's a reason people rebuild Fords that aren't Shelby's with Chevy's LS series parts.

    And yeah I might ha, Idk. I'm still working in film at the moment, but I'm focussing on engineering classes for my last year in High School, and I'm applying to Nascar Technical Institute, so there's a chance I could switch.
    Junior. I'm half way done lol. I haven't looked too deeply into college yet but I'm thinking about something in Washington state or here in Illinois. hbu?
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