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Last Activity:
Jan 18, 2014
Oct 27, 2013
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The Sealed Weapon

Izayoi was last seen:
Jan 18, 2014
    1. Meeker
      Well, I already have a plan when it comes to that sort of thing, but who said Eris believed in monogamy? If anything Eris would like a relationship that allows her to do whatever to whoever.

      You mean that you don't read my posts already? Man, everybody I know loves Eris as a villain. Just look at the last RP. And don't you worry, Eris is hard to love in any way other than as a villain if you aren't playing as her.

      Anyway, it's up to you. I'm not going to decide what your character's like.
    2. Meeker
      That's fine by me. The thing is, he won't be getting that from her because he's a dude. I'm sure the character would have much more success if they were female. If you'd like them to have success in the matter, that is. You can make them any gender you want, though. I thought that was something you might like to know if you didn't already.
    3. Andydemon
      Well, at this point you can either help Primal at Solaceon, or you can try to defend Vielstone from Eris' attack, but if you want my opinion, Solaceon sounds like the better option as Vielstone is looking pretty futile at this point.

      Alternatively you could help us at Kalos since Sinnoh is admittedly a sinking ship anyway, we've already taken the West coast and are preparing to head East to drive out Crystal.
    4. Andydemon
      I don't mean to be harsh, but might I ask just where you're going with all those posts? Ever since you've gone into the Underground it just seems like everything you've been doing is filler and contributes nothing to our efforts, so just what are you trying to build up to?
    5. Meeker
      Alright, just making sure. Thanks for the clarification though.
    6. Meeker
      Hey, did you say that that one Xiav place was 12 years old? Because Xiav has only been around 7 years.
    7. Andydemon
      I see, that seems to be the case with a lot of us in this RP.

      I knew it!
    8. Andydemon
      Hey there, I noticed you haven't posted in the Shadow RP in a while. Has real life been getting in the way?

      Also, out of curiosity, would your name happen to have been inspired by Blazblue?
    9. ace-of-aces
    10. Estellise
    11. ace-of-aces
      Okay thanks anyway. Did you draw your profile pic?
    12. ace-of-aces
      -shiny mareep or any of its evolutions
      -shiny female snorunt or frosslass
      -shiny male ralts or kirlia or Gallade
      -shiny amaura
      -shiny zorua
      -shiny Torchic
      -shiny abra
      -shiny tranpich
      -shiny gothita or gothorita
      -shiny eevee or any of its evolutions
      -shiny tyrant
      -shiny solosis or duosion
    13. Blackjack the Titan
      Blackjack the Titan
      Apologies about the club problems. As of now, Opera browser isn't letting me edit my posts.
      Go ahead and begin posting at your will, and I'll make sure you and your claim get onto the OP.
    14. ace-of-aces
      Yes, I am skyward, thanks.
    15. FairyWitch
      hey there and welcome to teg i saw your post and im your division leader i just added you as well...I left a warm welcoming in our guild ^_^
    16. TheDarkDragons
      Would you be interested in swapping FC's? My FC is 2277-6776-7710, and I have a Ground Safari with Sandshrew, Nincada, and Diggersby.
    17. Rooney2112
      Pls add me

      My FC : 2079-7144-0742

      Thanks first
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