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Recent content by izmir

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    October 9th: PM2019 040 - VS Thunder! Legendary Raid Battle!!

    Well actually Goh is just playing Pokemon GO. He is gonna get a legendary eventually. I believe Ash will catch a legendary as well. He caught an ultra beast and a mythical already.
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    Sword and Shield - Solving old plots?

    Well I want to see Bill and his Dynamax Dragonite again lol.
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    The Pokemon Go Friends Thread

    thanks in advance 3980 9796 2244
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    Pokémon Sword and Shield - How will they impact the anime?

    C for Champion maybe? His first hat has L for League I believe. Perhaps the situation is same here.
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    September 22nd: SM140 - Akuziking Attacks! The Decisive Z-Move Battle!!

    First Melmetal and now Naganadel? Ash is the new Tobias lol.
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    Pokemon USUM SPOILER Thread (Enter at your own risk!)

    Yes, Lurantis top for girls have gloves.
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    Pokemon USUM SPOILER Thread (Enter at your own risk!)

    I love female character's nurse outfit. Lurantis cosplay is also cool. I wonder what male exclusive outfits are.
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    Lillie & Silvally: Memories Reborn! (992)

    What a beautiful episode. Ganbaririe lol
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    November 2nd: SM48 - Strike a Fully Powered Pose for a Sleepover!

    Kukui x Burnet finally! Now I am expecting an episode named Wedding Panic :P
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    Gladion & Silvally! The Confinement Mask!! (990)

    Nice battle, Type: Null won. But why Gladion calls it Silvally?
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    Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon? Which version are you getting?

    The version that mustache guy in it
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    DP Ash vs XY Ash Who's The Better Trainer

    XY Ash is better. DP Ash lost to E4 Flint so easily, on the other hand XY Ash gave Champion Diantha a hard time.
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    We Found a Treasure! Stoutland Search!! (975)

    It looks different than in-game sprite but Olivia said it's a hoshi no kakera (star piece). She said it's also called intetsu (meteoric iron)
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    August Plot Discussion

    Finally! It's been 3,000 years.