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  • Looking at my Profile after 3 long and rough years, looking at all posts and conversations. this just feels refreshing and makes me smile.
    Right now I'm reading tvtropes and sometimes writing either code or story.
    If you're bored, you can try reading my 23-chapter long fanfic...
    Actually, it's reached the point where I think the entire thing comes crashing down. My original plan was to splash some crazy into the RP, anyway.
    Should I drop as well? It isn't as fun without as many people.

    (wait, 7 pokemon? Magikarp, crustle, luxray, darkrai vapreon, reshiram. who's the 7th?)
    So it looks like the thread's dying then. Oh well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. (Freeform tower was a bad idea)
    Okay, let me sum it up. When I read your posts, they sound in my head like they've been run through a speed up and are super high pitched.
    Another major point, please sepparate your sentences with periods and proper spacing: As I said, I'm a snub. Feel free to ignore me.

    (I actually can't read your posts because of this, most of the time.)
    More along the lines of the fact that a single one of your posts is a lot of things done in a row, that makes it a little harder to build around.

    Like, on the forcefield post, you implemented robots, a forcefield, and another floor. This is really hard to build around, because it puts your character into a central position.
    Wrong person. And yes, but it's nothing major. It's just forcing the plot a bit faster than it was before and I'm a bit grumpy.
    Hate to tell you this man, but it's really hard to understand you: I guess i'm just a stickler for grammar and whatnot.
    Congrats! Not long ago, I hatched a shiny Venipede with Swarm and 3 IVs without the Masuda Method.

    Primal Dialga is the final boss of the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers games. I haven't played any of these games myself, but I do know that it's called Dark Dialga in the Japanese version and it reaches that state from losing its ability to control time after the collapse of the Temporal Tower.
    It's 11 here, and I'm debating whether or not to try and write another chapter of my fanfic, edit a chapter of my fanfic, or just give up and go to sleep and get to college on time.
    That's pretty cool. I'm hoping to MM an Eevee at some point. [Then, evolve it into a competitive Umbreon.] :O
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