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  • dude im so happy, i got my first shiny SR today! Its a Groudon, and i found it at 1113 resets. definently NFT
    hay ill have your
    Mudkip (Quirky, w/ Ice beam)
    Bagon (Bashful, w/ Dragon rage)
    Bagon (Hardy, w/ Dragon rage)
    Kyogre (lv. 69 / T / Relaxed) *From sapphire
    Groudon (lv. 55 / T / Bold / Caught) *From ruby
    Kyogre (lv. 100 / T / Calm) *From sapphire

    if u dont want them
    I did and i found an alamos gave away by toys r us but i tought it was a TRU (with that OT) and that's why i'm asking here, a simple question doesn't hurt anybody nor answer to it, stop acting like a know it all, if you're here is to help people not to act like a jerk like i've seen it a thousand times before.
    No, there is no Darkrai with the OT of TRU (unless someone had that OT when capturing Ticket Darkrai). They're all ALAMOS, as far as ones given away at TRU.

    Yes, this thread is to help and no, it's not too much to ask people to help themselves first. If you think asking people to do some research themselves is being a jerk, well, that's your problem.

    It just doesn't seem like that much to ask that people do a bit of searching on Google before asking for event information, which is like the easiest stuff to find. The main site, PokeCommunity, GameFAQs, and many other sites all have event info posted on them.
    hi i want one of you wsc milotic i can offer a shiny UT impish miltank and a shiny UT adamant charmander for it (you get both and i only get milotic and a dud)
    Sorry dude. Only looking for New Moon Island Darkrai's from the Platinum Version acquired with the Member Card Event (i.e. Japanese Only) Sorry Again :)
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