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  • Hi! Would you want to join team sea soul? i joined team sea soul a clan that gives you rankiungs of your battle preformance and free banners and stuff. it's really fun! You sould totally join! You'd be great! As along as you use one water pokemon, and fill out the join form you're in! Here is the link to the clan--->

    Here is the fill out and your ready to roll!
    Battling Style:
    'Version Name' FC:
    No. of water pokemon in use:
    Referred By: lavaburst14 (tell them i refered you and get points!)
    I'm here to recruit u . Anyway, there is this clan called Miror B Mania. Here is the link: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=522119. Plz join (if u arent in a clan)! If u decline, just tell me. Itll put a frown on my face for a few hours. But that wont matter. Finally, when u sign up, tell the rest of the clan that i recruted u k? Also, anyone else that sees this visitor message can join too! But remember, tell the rest of the clan thay I recruted u! Thanks! :)
    Life's pretty good for the moment.
    I'm not that much on Serebii, for the moment. I've stopped going to some sections I did before, so it's not much.
    While in my real life... well, good I guess.

    What about you then?
    The Grand Festival was probably the best Grand Festival ever, and the Sinnoh League was great but there were a few things that bothered me about it. I wish Ash would have gotten at least one extra full battle, would have used Totodile and Bayleef, and the writers should have let Torterra get a win.

    I finally got my drivers license! I've done little else this summer. There was a period a needed to wait between I actually passed my driverstest and when I actually got my licensecard. And in that time I took to the road on my bicycle. I rode it about 350 km, which is about 220 miles. That was during the break between DP186 and DP187.

    Since that I've basically been partying with friends, and wasting time posting like mad xD
    I love it. I don't know if you've noticed but Flying types are my favorites. I love her personality. I wish Dawn would have gotten it sooner to see more of her elegance. I think she's funny too, I love how she scolded Gible. ^_^
    Well I'm not sure if Dawn is using Togekiss and Piplup for the semifinals or the finals. I'd love if she uses Buneary at the finals. She lost to Glameow once, time for revenge. ;)
    Nah I never made an account on there. Kinda sucks that they killed Kenny. But oh well, he'll be back in the next episode just like he always is.

    How have you been?
    Kenny was tragic but I liked his appeal more than Nando's. Buneary and Cyndaquil were the best, sadly I don't think Buneary will get a battle round. I really wanted to see her battle. =[

    How are you?
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