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  • I am. And thank you for accepting the add. I decided to add you as a friend because you were in the shipping club, so i thought: "Well, i got to meet this dude." So i added you.
    Oh yeah i did,this is going to be amasing.Honestly i would like that Paul wins aswell,he is so far the best rival Ash ever had in my opinion(though Gary is close second).
    No problem, always nice to see that I am not alone and it would be a tragedy if this was true. I suppose you have seen the Pokemon anime section on the forum its a section I would stay away from if you are not a fan of May or Dawn since you mention Misty there and BANG almost instant flame war and I blame the moderators for not doing their jobs or taking the lazy way out.
    Speaking about May and Dawn yes i like them,both of this girls have their qualities and i like the way they are making progress,like May who had great development over the series,but Misty will always be my favorite character.She has great character and personality,interesting development and pokemon,its quite unique(like her goal) and i would definitely like her being part of this show again(though this isnt very promising).

    Hmm Ambipom,yep that was definitely one rather unpredictable and partially unfavorable thing.Leaving because of ping pong,lol.At least writers could provided better excuse if he had to leave,but oh well its no big deal.And this doesnt mean necessarily bad thing,who knows what are writers plans with him in future.
    Oh no,im afraid you got me wrong.When i said surfing i meant surfing on internet(lol).I guess i should have been more precise.

    As for watching episodes in Japan,when i have opportunity i do.I like watching it in both original and dubbed version.
    Oh your reading my thoughts,it would be great if Misty shows up participating in some water tournament(maybe even again in Whirl Cup,which isnt such a farfetched thing,when we take in consideration all the current news about GS remakes and everything).That would be opportunity for her to make at least small further progresss toward her goal,showing her skill in battling and bringing maybe some new pokemon(who knows i wouldnt be surprised if some of her pokemon even evolved like Horsea for example).

    When it comes to me well nothing special going around.You know the same all thing,working,spending time with friends,surfing(lol) etc.
    YESS! Dear goodness yes, I want a GS Remake so bad!! ^^ Do you know how awesome it will be if they are true?! Total happiness right here.

    And yeah, Pokemon has been a legend.
    Wow. That's a lot. And no, I was hoping I didnt ask you that so mean. I was just wondering. But Ill be more than happy to answer. :p

    Yes, I play the games A LOT. My favorite Pokemon in the series is Pikachu and Ambipom from DP. What I like about Pokemon is that Im glad it's been popular for so long, and that I got to be a fan of it from the beginning. Hence, my name :D
    Yeah, I know none of that stuff will ever be in the series. The episode hasnt AIRED yet. :p

    Are you asking me those three questions?
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