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  • xD

    Yeah, well, we've seen May and Misty together, just need Dawn now. But May never got to meet Gary... :(

    Drew and Harley were epic! I was so glad 4Kids never killed Harley's character. Nozomi isn't bad, but Kengo and Nando never show up...

    Totally! We just need more of her Blaziken/Glaceon/Venusaur/Wartortle.
    Yeah, I miss her too. And I might join. I miss Drew and Harley a lot too, so much better then Dawn's "rivals", well, Ursula is good.

    I thought you were more a Misty guy actually. Lol.
    Yeah sure, she's a lot like Harley and one of the better Dawn's rivals. She has a sharp personality.

    I like the Gible evolutionary line except Garchomp, I don't like it so much.
    Oh NP! I feel like I should start sending those out, like I'll read a post and be like "wow, thats what i was gunna said, who is this member?" and then I never send a request. Plus, you frequent the same sorts of threads as I do.^^
    Just read your most recent post in the 'Misty's Psyduck' thread, I completely agreed with what you had to say. It's so great to see such a devoted Misty fan :)
    I was never too fond of May. I guess I didn't like her because she replaced Misty, but I got over that afterwards, but I also found her story very unrealistic, and her story was really boring and didn't leave me in suspense like Dawn's does.
    Thanks, I love your's too, especially the ones when you argue with Cyber.
    I love Dawn and Misty, I'd like Misty too return to the cast, but I'm more in favour of Dawn staying on the cast, what would be awsome is if they had a cast of 4, Ash, Dawn, Misty plus a new guy to promote the game.
    Thanks for reading it! 8D

    In the series, I always found Dawn annoying and a screen-hogger.
    I wouldn't mind her, if she was a rival from some sort.
    Also, she replaced May, one of my favorite human-characters.
    Both do Contests, but she got replaced by Dawn. To me, Dawn took away May's spot.
    My favorite rival is Paul. I just LOVE the drama he's brought to the story...although I love Zoey, Conway, Harley, Gary, and Drew as well. Oh yes, I love the Disney Princess'! My favorite's a tie between Tiana and Belle. :)
    I generally like May and Dawn best, but I'm OK with Misty as well. Don't see the point of violently hating cartoon characters. You like all of them? :)
    Well not sure about contest as they are saying that they will change the way we play Pokemon and I would like some changes myself. Who knows, maybe they will introduce something more entertaining than Pokemon Contests.
    As for new Pokemon, I think we have plenty of water Pokemon already an some other type also need attention like Fire, Ghost, Dark and Dragon. Coincidentally you also agree on Ghost and Dark type.
    Aw, thank you. <3 Everything's benn great for me, and I'm totally happy Monferno evolved and Dawn got her fifth ribbon!

    How's everything for you? :>
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