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  • Thanks. My favorite season is Sinnoh it's been great. Yeah I love playing the games. Gen 4 my favorite. I love play Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. I can't wait for HGSS to come so I can transfer the Johto Pokemon I'm missing onto my DPPt games like the Starters. I'm so close to getting the National dex in Platinum. It's also fun coming on here. I guess the next Gen is coming up this fall.
    Yes, I hope the League and GF aren't rushed because of the new games. I've been looking forward to them both. My take on Contest? I think Contest are great as it gives the girls something to do. I like all the main girls. May and Dawn...it's hard to decided between them. Most of May's battles and rivalries were more entertaining but its Dawn's realistic journey and problems with her Pokemon that made me really interested in her as every contest I was wondering how she would go about things. Hard to choose.
    Yeah I thought the music for Inferape's evolution was nice and fitting. I guess the Ash and Paul rivalry will be settled at the league for sure.
    Yeah the League's gonna be good. I'm betting that 5th Generation pokemon is a Lucario-like pokemon. Lucario was called the "Wave Guiding Hero" in Movie 8, this time we have a "Phantom Champion". Hopefully people won't immediately start speculating that Ash will capture what ever this pokemon is during the 5th Generation saga.
    How do you get the avatar you have? I want to upload my pic as mine but i can't find how. It doesn't let me on Avatar section
    As for May and Dawn

    1. Hoenn was the contest debut, you regulate/hype such a thing not by letting a main character fail at it. That would make people go, ow not another contest, those suck.. That's why May lost only once I think before reaching the GF...

    Now with Sinnoh, the contest'scene' was already established so it didn't need anymore hyping.. *at least it was accepted as an alternative to gyms.. *If you disagree, look at what became of breeding* Now they could afford a main character to lose a couple of times to build her character.

    This is why most people wrongly assume May of being better then Dawn.. The only reason she won was because the writers wouldn't want to shed a bad image on something 'new' and 'fresh'.. Especially since when you think of it.. she was a rookie with no prior experience and always seemed to win.. to which Dawn's arc was/is how it would be more realistically..

    2. Also the writers took more effort in creating characters for contests, all due to for more hyping. Proof for this is that since Hoenn had more contest rivals for the majority of the arc then it had rivals for Ash, only adding Morrison before the last gym. So in a way contest was given some more focus then Ash had.

    Now in Sinnoh the establishment has reached the point where new, young viewers accept contests as being equal to gyms, which is represented to Dawn having the same rival as Ash has (Nando), and almost the same amount (If I'm right Dawn has 1 more) of rivals as Ash. (5 (Dawn) to 4 (Ash)(Nando included)..

    Hope that makes any sense.. the bottomline is that Nintendo wanted to promote RSE, which had contest, and with Misty gone, they had the oppurtunity to let the lead female to participate in them. So to promote the games, the writers had to heavily push the leading lady in to the forground in Hoenn.. Which is probably why May is so popular still.

    Sorry for the longness of these two posts..

    I'm leaning more towards gyms then contests, but that's basically since I've grown up with Ash doing gyms ever since I was a preteen (I'm in my twenties now), so I still get that feeling of anticipation, although now I can basically guess if he's going to win or not, plus now that I'm reading Japanese episode titles, which are pretty straight forward, nothing really comes as a surprise.. as to when I watched first watched the original Ash vs Misty or Pika vs Raichu for example xD

    That being said, I do watch contest episodes, but I usually skip some of the more tedious ones.. I like how the writers are trying to elaborate more on contests in this season, but I have a theory about that (which also is a bit tedious so I'll explain in short at the end of this post)

    My favorite girl will have to be.. uhm.. I don't wanna sound like Misty Fanboy, but I've always had crushes on redheads.. so uhm.. yeah.. gonna choose her. I can't pick May since I've missed a lot of episodes concerning her in Hoenn/Kanto BF, since I had no option of watching television in that period of time. I've liked how they developed Dawn, but she's just a bit too cheery for my taste. That doesn't mean that I dislike her, just that I get a 'meh' feeling.. more about that below xD

    Team Rocket is another relic from the old days. Episode 2 was one of the greatest episode ever, since they looked truly evil in that episode.. Then Johto came and they're nothing more then Comic Relief, with no form of antagonistic qualities left. I do like that they gave Jessie a contest career, but hate that they leave James and Meowth as spectators.. I've noted, not written on the forums yet, that although recently Jessie has begun to take her contests more seriously, that they've also become more intelligent/'evil'.. *Gible's debut episode is a clear sign, where they outsmarted Ash by presetting a trap for Staraptor. Though, they're still nothing to how they were back in season one.
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