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  • Btw have you seen episode 34 yet?

    Now we all know action duels are bull*** and there is no real danger despite the fancy graphics.
    Nope I just read about it right now. I still cant buy him as a challenge for the Z Fighters even with the godly power boost he'll be getting. I hope they explain how the dragonballs can revive someone like Frieza who's been dead for over a year

    Yep Cena didnt even help Ziggler when The Authority were obviously cheating but I guess he knew he'd be stealing Ziggler's spotlight if he came back and helped. Lol HHH was hilarious though when he was taking out the refs xD

    Yep wwe are azzholes honestly when they bring in real couple feuds into wwe like the matt hardy/lita/edge feud which was real. Lita cheating on Matt with Edge irl

    Lol imagine how many people watched the AJ Bella match just for the kiss of death xP

    Yeah they should have never gaven a stupid stipulation which ruined the ending and made it predictable.

    Damn did you hear about CM Punk!!?? He finally spoke on why he left WWE! And he joined UFC!
    Trip and Virgil are the best design. They are match couple!!! Kyaaa!!! I want you give me Trip pics becuz I am sick huhuhu
    Saw Sora VS Shun (Part 1). Epic, but that's it... aside from the new protagonist and his/her friends in future series,
    I am NEVER trusting new companions outside of that in Yu-Gi-Oh! EVER again... xD

    Lol at the ending of Part 2, though with Yuya screaming Sora's name in horror. xD

    But crud just got real now. The PLOT stops running from Yuya! in the next episode it is Sora VS Yuto, and then the episode after that thanks to some new summaries,
    we are gonna get either Sora VS Yuto VS Yuya or Sora and Yuya VS Yuto or Yuto and Yuya VS Sora, and then in the episode AFTER THAT, it is either gonna be
    Yuto VS Yugo, or Yuto and Yuya VS Yugo. Either way, Yuya will be participating in his first onscreen NON-Action Duel soon. This I gotta see. XD ,
    Were they actual plot holes?
    They don't buy anything good.
    Will have to think about that.
    Don't see why he couldn't just watch videos.
    Not much.
    Same here.
    Sometimes gifts, sometimes money.
    Yeah I do. :(
    He said he rented it for a few bucks, but still.
    Not really.
    Some heroes, right?
    Yeah they might.
    You should throw one of her things away. XD
    I have no idea, and he didn't even explain anything, just repeat the statements I posted earlier. "For babies" has to be one of the worst arguments out there.
    Yeah, and then when she lost to her.
    Have to agree.
    Why did she do that?
    All the guy said was "OmegaRuby AlphaSapphire sucks dick", "OmegaRuby AlphaSapphire holds your hand", "OmegaRuby AlphaSapphire is for babies", "The music for OmegaRuby AlphaSapphire sounds like my mom's Nokia ringtone" for 20+ minutes. The stream is almost 2 hours long but I didn't watch the whole thing.
    Never said it was her fault.
    That's dumb.
    I'm still saving up.
    I just use cards that I own, which I don't remember much of.
    Speaking of ORAS, just got done watching a shitty Pokemon RSE livestream...
    *glares at Kim*
    And he's made to look petty right?
    (I'd say you do but I'm broke.)
    What rules do you use?
    I hope so, I wanna see the old Carly again.
    Which are on Netflix.
    No thanks, I'm not having that!
    She's still too gloomy.
    They can't be that bad, right?
    Me either.
    Yeah, and only one card per turn.
    Didn't work out for Carly. XD
    Not sure, I guess Gwen? How about yours?
    Well you're watching it on TV so that's something.
    Tributes are balanced but I'm used to the initial rules.
    He and Carly need to talk.
    Yeah he is.
    No idea, I never used it.
    Everyone had that luck I'm sure. Do you like the idea of having to tribute monsters or not?
    More gloomy.
    Good choices. What do you think of Rook? I like his dynamic with Ben.
    The appeal is that you can watch the shows you like.
    Yeah, you started off with weak cards and had to beat other duelists multiple times to get enough points for decent cards. The rules were also based on the beta card game.
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