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  • [No, I did not.
    Or a fanfiction.
    Paul's anything would probably beat his Sceptile, because the writers love him so much.
    UG is close, but not quite there. He's 1, TR are 3.
    Sweet! I'm at the prank war :D
    Me too! *shudder*]
    [Thanks, you too!
    That would have been for the best. DP could have been an AU.
    You sure did :)
    And in the Sinnoh League, he didn't even use his Lake Acuity team and he still almost won!
    NO ONE is worse than them.
    Sweet! 2 at once!
    I will soon. I still haven't gotten over DA!.]
    Lol, I forgot about that XD

    Thanks. How bad is it? Lol, it was pretty cool if you like Ash riding a Zekrom/Reshiram XD

    Lol, they're the same thing though XD
    Lol, the league episodes maybe XD

    It does. I think it was a stomach thing, not sure. Lol, M15 was so lame, the Keldeo one.

    He sounds like a chain smoking gangster lol.
    So does XY037.
    Wow, and he looks like that? Cool! He looks sad, never thought I'd see that.
    I'll be sure to read that and 19 too.
    The new Fairy Tail episode was kind of a letdown. I mean in what world does a beast stronger than the main character lose in a mostly offscreen fight that wasn't even 10 minutes?
    I bet he only likes triangles when it's only him and 2 girls but he might hate triangles if it was the other way around

    Maybe because promo talkers are smart enough to keep talking so crowds don't have a chance to bring out the what

    Oh they work in basketball but not in wwe

    I might get it I got a ps4 for my birthday but I only have 1 game for it so far

    Ah I see. Tbh I hate when people are so hung up on the attitude era they can't be appreciated today's era

    Yep he'll definitely win. Maybe he could trick Lesnar into thinking that if he loses to Seth he will give him the case which will contain a million dollars I mean he's only there for the money he would surely fall for it

    Yep and I see HHH more of a lex luthor trying to destroy Superman Reigns

    Cool that was my 2nd favorite. Even though it isn't canon My favorite is the Doma arc with the seal of orichalcos and the 3 legendary dragons
    The gameplay is so bad though, not even the giant robots could save it its like gurren lagan on the ps1, but god the gameplay..

    it better not be fiendtenki. those kinds of cards are too good.

    The next episodes judging by the new "Pokemon Broadcast data" after episode 38 begins the Summer Camp arc with Shauna, Trever and Tierno,
    which seems to last for about maybe 4-6 episodes.

    Judging that Mienfoo was on the broadcast data for XY044,
    this might be Ash VS Korrina @ the Shalour City Gym as she has one in the games.
    Lol, that's true. XD

    I had a chance to get one in 2009, got sick and went to the hospital. At least I saw the movie of it.

    Me too. XD
    Cool. lol
    Ch. 19 was cool, I didn't expect the Dogma trio to team up with the brats so easily.
    They're awesome. Um should I be concerned that the 1st rival is relegated to a friendly pic rather than being involved with the stronger rivals in a serious pic?
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