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  • [ My favourite fight! ^.^ Sakura was awesome :')
    LOL true. My love for Sasuke has faded a little.
    Fine :D and you?
    lol yeah but Sasuke is hotter lol
    LOL I loose interest most of the time ;p
    That's true actually :c I still care about the plot but not as much as I used to.
    sexual tention lol
    Well, to be honest, I haven't looked up much about either. But, I've been with Sony since the Playstation, so I'll be getting the PS4. Hopefully around August.
    -Yeah, people have done stuff. Like Mira was fighting this demon to protect Lisana, so she got a flashback to how she got Satan Soul, Juvia and Gajeel are battling with Natsu against three aliens and Sting and Rogue even came to save Minerva, yep, she's good. As usual, villains get redeemed. LOL
    -You know, I was the same way, but before the ceremony, me and my friends were having a good time, so it hyped me up for it. But, I know how you feel, though my ears were hurting from all the screaming.
    -They really could have, Laxus and Jura are on that beast status. Though Laxus isn't fighting against the aliens.

    Man, I seriously love your drawings. They're really good, seriously. LOL I really like the second one.
    I feel as if I were to work at Home Depo, I would get hurt really bad. The place just screams injuries to me. LOL And I thought of that, my best friend wants to major in images that deal with Photoshop and I want to major in video editing, so we would be working near each other. But, he doesn't want to go to any of the colleges I want to go to because they are too expensive, but the ones he wants to go have too many of our peers going there. (>.<) But in the end, I think I might be doing the same as you.
    -Okay, the release date for Revolution is September 16th, I wish it were the same as Japan's. Europe is getting it before us as well. But, what's bothering me is the story, I don't want it to end as Obito as the final boss. I mean, we won't have cleared as much ground if that happened because he was the final boss in Storm 3. It's gonna follow the manga, but to where? (>.<) When the demo was released for 360, some people cracked its code to see what's on it, this is what they pulled up for playable/support characters. Sound 4, Kurenai, Shizune, Anko and others return as support, but this might not be final because Madara wasn't on Storm 3's demo code, just like Juubito isn't on this one.
    I like the S class rank up one so far and I liked the on with the tower of heaven

    They shoot of some fireworks here

    It is cause I hate his guts. I'd actually take being the dimwit over the reserved one. xD

    That one was meh too.

    She'll be both, duh XD
    [And because it still isn't DP.
    Tie as of Ch. 14, before it was Golen's.
    I couldn't believe what I was watching.
    Actually you wouldn't see him camouflage, you'd just assume he was never there.
    Lucky save!
    I think it was 15.]
    Or an early one.
    Destinies United debuted, January 14th, 2014.

    It was on a hiatus for a while but is ongoing now with Season 3 being aired now.
    Sure it's different from the film series and is more of a "comedy type" show, but some episodes are on par with the movies, IMO,
    but it depends on which one it is.
    [ That sucks :/
    lol :p
    Check ebay :p
    haha he's cute ya know ;p
    LOL yeah it happens a lot.
    in the middle ;) ]
    lol Why is it that Carly gets the lively rivals while Golen gets the stick in the muds?
    Awesome and damn that pic is good. o.o
    8 or 9. If I start at 11 on Friday night and am now at 99 episodes I think I like it

    Pretty good .
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