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  • Happy new years to you too.

    Droite actually being badass in her quest for kaito
    Umimi is a womans rights activist.
    Durbe loves nasch so much he asks random people on the street are you nasch.
    Haha true. Plus he seems to be the smartest one as well. Dean is the weak link while Rollins is the Jeff Hardy type

    Yep it's very pointless to see these matches. Sandow needs to go to Ziggler for some advice on how to wear pink

    Yep it's amazing! I wonder if he has an alter ego "good news Barett" :0

    Yeah well at least he won that war. While he said no one has been able to stop him even though Cena did. I think Lesnar is just getting a free shot because wwe doesn't know what to do at the EC because there's only one champion and the RR winner faces the champ at WM. So they need someone to get a title shot at EC for no good reason

    Haha true. I hope it really doesn't lead to Bryan breaking the Wyatts from the inside like Cena did with Nexus while he was working for them
    He's annoying :p
    Really? and what about Sakura? Still obsessed with Sasuke? lol
    Yeah I think Reigns will be the only one to beat Punk from the Shield.

    I would too seriously what's the point of all these tag matches no one has a chance to get over. Haha you're right i haven't noticed his robe missing these last few weeks.

    Haha true I think he's gonna be staring in his newest hit film "Bad News Barett!"

    The only thing he's done better than the Rock is he's had better matches but that's still not enough. I like how Heyman says that Lesnar has defeated everyone he's faced so far. Apparently he just forgot Brock lost to Cena and hasn't beat him back.

    Who knows? Maybe they are but I'm still giving this angle a shot especially if it leads to the Wyatts vs the Authority. I mean bray promised Bryan he will be something great if he's part of the family
    Bad card is bad.

    So zexal duel carnival has dropped in japan. Im reading summaries of the plots on NAC and I'm so mad that 3DS games are region locked,
    Aha I see ...
    Hahhaa I agree with you about Naruto LOL :p
    Also the problem with him is that he loves Sakura! They're kinda cute and I like their chemistry together it's hilarious! but Sakura doesn't deserve Naruto tbh..
    It's KK. xD

    I catch colds for the stupidest reasons, like getting something stuck out of my teeth. Next morning, I have a sore throat. First stage of a cold for me. (>.>) But, since it's not that cold in Florida, I can go on without many layers of clothes.
    -I've beaten a lot of giant Awakening characters before with Sakura or Tsunade, it just depends if my Support Drive is up, that's only with Tsunade though. I can just get them with Sakura's Ultimate since she leaps.
    -I do, I feared this, but now we have to see how Naruto's gonna get Kurama back if Kishi lets him. Sadly it doesn't change the fact that Madara needs to be defeated, but that seems gosh darn impossible at the moment.

    During the fight against Kid Buu, Vegeta knew Goku was Number #1, I wanted Vegeta to surpass Goku once again, because I knew he deserved it.

    Probably, it depends on what type of fillers they are though. Like in Naruto and Pokemon, I can deal with some, but not all 'em. xD
    -Wait, you have X? And you never told me?! D:< Add me! But, I'm too lazy to get my 3DS and get my friend code. (>.>) The struggle is surely real at the moment. xD

    -Good Arceus. I need to catch up, I've only read two chapter. ._. I'll see when I can read them, because I'm trying to get so many AMVs done with before I go back to school on the 6th.
    -And I wanted to tell you, I finished my Sasuke AMV. I think it came out pretty good, compared to the other ones I've seen on YouTube.

    Really? That's horrible, what type of problems? D:
    Plus he's the best in the world. Of course he has to defeat Roman Reigns to prove it next week. And then Brock Lesnar will scream like a girl like he did this raw. xD

    Well the normal divas won for once. Haha I don't think I could watch wwe if the new year started without our intellectual savior

    I doubt Cena or anyone from wwe will ever reach the mainstream status Dwayne reached.

    I can't wait to see all the hypocrites who were complaining about Rock, a part timer, getting a title shot for no reason now cheering Brock, a part timer, getting a title shot for AGAIN no reason! :p

    Can u believe it Daniel Wyatt has finally followed the buzzards?! :eek:
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