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Last Activity:
Jun 14, 2013
Jun 15, 2009
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j-master was last seen:
Jun 14, 2013
    1. thekingofgods
      redoing sandstorm team u faced compleatly
    2. j-master
      Hehe. 2500th VM :D
    3. KarensApprentice
      Who was the Ghost Type chosen in the end? I've been away, clearly, but I woulda been rooting for Gengar.
    4. Rommath
    5. Rommath
      Hey dude.```
    6. Skirvin
      Thanks for the add into the group!
    7. Kilian040
      Yes, thats true haha, no offense!

      You had a good weekend? Do you got HG or SS? I'm addicted haha!

      Whats that forum your talking about? Could you send me a link?
    8. Catcong
      Again, YOU EVOLVED AGAIN?!?!
    9. Electricbluewolf

      When I'm feeling sad, I just glance at that photo, and
      the seagull takes all the worries for me and flies away.
      Most people say I'm quite pretty. The LIES!!!!

      I lookes terrible in my last school photo. I looked like something
      from 28 days later. But that day, I was feeling terrible, and I
      fainted after that. I got out geography! Yay!

      I just stuff the pictures that I dont want anyone to see down
      the side of my bed. There, they are never seen again.
    10. Electricbluewolf
      Date set! I send it on Wednesday.


      Anyways, most pictures of me make me look older than I am.
      The best picture I have is me standing at the beach with my friends.
      Why is it the best you ask?
      In the background, there is a man getting attack by a seagull.
      It makes me laugh.
    11. Electricbluewolf
      My hat says thank you for saying its sexy.

      It now lives in the box 'o' clothers.
    12. Kilian040
      Im sorry i late anwser i know haha! But my girlfriend is taking alot of time! I couldn't even play pokemon yesterday! So i turned my DS on right now to take my totodile on for a journey!

      How did your schoolday go yesterday? Free Early?
    13. bluesnowball272
      I live in Virginia. Who is your sister? OMG!!!!!!!! Yu really got 19 posttss at once?! Holy ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    14. LilPrinnyDood
      the only set i don't have is the lufenians set and i never went back and got the warlords set. i also need one more to finish the genji set.

      i think my favorite set is the giant's set. +750 HP and +100 brave. so good for melee characters. i used to use snowpetal set on terra, ultimecia, kuja (basically all my magicusers) but now i use Seditz, Royal Crown, Rainbow Robe. I alternate between nirvana and stardust rod magic users, and excalibur and ragnarok for melee. I have the adamant knife for zidane. and i use the ultima weapon for anyone else.
    15. Kilian040
      Pff tommorow i'm free at 15:30 i hope! But chill that your teacher are sick, not so chill is your presentation partner. Look it at the bright side a six is always better then a five haha!

      I've got a xbox 360, xbox(not using it anymore but still have it), DS and a macbook for Football manager! And you?
    16. Kilian040
      Yeah school is killing me as well, but today and tomorrow i'm a trainee at an accountingoffice so i can relax on a computer haha! Do you play a lot on your DS? KH is epic i always played it on the PS2!
    17. Kilian040
      Yeah your right but with HG you can get growlithe haha.. On the DS im only playing pokemon mostly in the summers, but on the xbox360 im playing Fifa10 and CoD MW2! But i dont play much because of school and friends and you?
    18. Kilian040
    19. bluesnowball272
      My brother is fuzepichu103. No capital letters.
    20. bluesnowball272
      R u a girl or a boy?I think ur a boy cuz of ur username.
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