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  • i'm very offensive but with the occasional USEFUL defence move (magnet rise) and i like moves that have a secondary effect
    thing is, nowa days, most battles, rephrase - most important battles, are doubles
    ike the elite 4! i hear they're gonna be doubles soon
    i like him because he can use lot's of attacks, only has one weakness, so i use magnet rise and he's pretty much set! then i stick in my porygon-z which is extremely powerful and i use discharge which is just very helpful for electivire since it's speed is ALREADY really high
    me too! lol
    it's just the idea of owning all that stuff! lol
    have you seen the movie shopaholic? it's a bit of a chick flick but very funny and i can totaly relate to it... but not the women clothing part =)
    surely he had at least one ice type move, it would have rinsed latios!-4*effective
    i guess yo won then?
    cul, alone as well :)
    wan't to fix up my arceus team :D and go into twon, do some shopping
    sleep, uno normal stuff :)
    hu u battleing?
    its a real pain my team are in the 60s and lance's dragonite and garchomp are insanely difficult, mainly cause garchom swords dances and outrages annihilating my whole team. turning the wii on now
    same i never concentrate on doubles and due to the stupidest luck i think im about to beat the rematch elite four for the first time on soulsilver
    ah okay cool no problem with hacking, always good to save time i guess. i'll meet u on pbr in a bit, like after i beat lance k?
    yoooo im the guy who created the non-competitive hangout. would you like a battle soonish? 6 v 6 anything goes? im in the e4 and may take a while to get out but once im done im free. wht do u say?
    bit over the top though, to much really does ruin the game, no offence
    how was school, looking forward to the weekend?
    i'm quite happy because, (depending if you have school on Saturdays), tomorrow it's parents day for one of the years, and during parent's days we get half an hour lessons and no games so we have like 3 hours shorter of school :D
    Lol,well sorry i didnt reply at supersonic speed^^im afraid sickness has made me slower^^well other than this there is nuthing new:mountain of school make-up work and the flu.

    why do these things happen to me???
    what are wondertombs? also... i meant legitimate, i'm not legitimate myself, i just make legitimate looking teams because i here they have these machines to see whether it's possible to have the pokemon you do. So that way i can enter the VCG and win without all the effort that most idiots put up with... also, as much as i like latios, it's a bad idea, Ice is 4x affective against it and, ANYTHING with that i don't like having in my team, it really does annoy me because all it takes is 1 hit to kill it
    sounds good, and the best part is that he's allowed in the VCG tournament! how absurd is that lol!!!
    only problem with spiritomb is that it can't learn many variable moves, and when it comes to stats, it's speed is DREADFUL, it's defences are ok and it's attack is pretty average :(
    so arceus is fine with me :D
    wat's ur ideal team is you could have ANYTHING?
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